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Top Network Marketing Books To Read

By Jenny Stevens | Mindset

best network marketing books for personal development. There are a lot of great books for mlm, direct sales and network marketing and I've compiled the top network marketing books

There are a LOT of Network Marketing books out there!

Books on lots of different topics involved in sales, recruiting, leadership etc.

But which ones are worth a read?

Personal development is such a key part of Network Marketing (and any business!)

Always learning new skills, helping your mindset, new trainings, whatever you're looking for.

I've asked around as well as taking some of my top favourites and I've compiled my top 11 Network Marketing books to read to help you with the skills and mindset you need to have a successful business.

And 2 of them are responsible for completely turning my business around and enabled me to quit my job recently πŸ™‚

Top Network Marketing Books

1. Go Pro

One of the first books I was recommended when I first started my Network Marketing business was Go Pro by Eric Worre.

This is definitely one of the books that when surveyed, Network Marketers recommended.

It's great if you're new and just getting started and gives you some handy scripts when having conversations with prospects.

Go Pro by Eric Worre is a great Network Marketing book to read for personal development

2. Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Another great book from Sarah Robbins giving practical steps, training and helps any new Network Marketers learn how to prospect and what to say.

A great book to help your new team members get off to a great start to learn the basics.

Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins is another Network Marketing book for personal development. It's a good book for beginners in mlm or network marketing to go over some core strategies and scripts

3. Beach Money

This one has been in my book shelf for nearly 3 years but I haven't read it yet.

When surveyed, this was mentioned a lot so I had to feature it even though I've not read it myself yet.

Beach Money shows you how to compress a 30-year career into 3 to 5 years, design your life around your free time instead of around your work schedule, and turn your yearly income into your monthly income!

Beach Money by Jordan Adler is a great read for network marketers and those in mlm

4. The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers: Grow Yourself FIRST to Grow Your Business FAST written by Hal Elred, Pat Petrini.

I love this book. I got in Audible so I could listen to it in my car and it's a great "read".

Gives you steps to start your morning off to the best start with the right mindset, energy levels and having a super productive day.

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers is fantastic for mindset and personal development. It helps with a morning routine

5. Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network Marketing written by Mark Yarnell & Rene Reid Yarnell.

This book offers practical survival tactics needed during that critical, first year in multi-level marketing, and beyond.

Many Network Marketers give up in the first year as they see how hard it can be. Set yourself up for success, get the expectations of what is really involved. More for traditional methods but worth a read.

Your first year in network marketing

6. Go For No

Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There, written by Richard Fenton & ANdrea Waltz.

This is a common phrase in Network Marketing: Go for No.

This book teaches you how to overcome rejection and not take No personally!

Something all Network Marketers & Direct Sellers need to learn.

Go for No for MLM and Network Marketers

7. How To Build Network Marketing Leaders

When you're ready to start building a team, you want to learn how to build leaders.

I loved this book and Big Al has some other great ones (also made it into this top 12 below!) There are 2 volumes in this series.

This really helps you build belief in your teammates and strategies to help empower them to step up into a leader role.

Network Marketing is all about duplication so this book will help you build leaders and duplicate into your downline.

8. The Four Year Career

Another one on my To Read List, but I've heard great things about this book and it's always mentioned in top books to read.

My old upline even appeared in one of the versions which is pretty cool.

It will provide you and your prospects with a thorough understanding of residual royalty income through network marketing in a quick read.

9. Big Al's MLM Sponsoring Magic

Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic How To Build A Network Marketing Team Quickly.

I've got a few of Big Al's books and found them all helpful. While great for more traditional methods with face to face (or belly to belly as some call it), his books give great tips on prospecting and sponsoring.

This book was another great ready with lots of useful tips.

Before I finish off this post with 2 more books, I wanted to give a little introduction and explanation to these two.

You see, all of the books above were great when I first started out. When I was taught about more traditional methods of prospecting belly to belly...

Making a list of 100 and talking to them all...

Everyone is a prospect mentality.

Have you ever been taught this too?

But when I wanted to find a way that was more suited to my personality (a little introverted and hated prospecting),

I came across two books. 

They helped me to build online and have people reach out to me, rather than me doing the chasing.

These two books below gave me the strategy, the guidance and the 

Attracting my perfect prospects to me and meant I no longer had to waste time messaging and talking to uninterested people...

As well as being able to wake up to notifications of sales and new leads.

10. Invisible Selling Machine

The Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss was and still is one of my favourite marketing books.

It teaches you how to create a selling machine with Email marketing and helped give templates, explanation to the process and is a fantastic book if you're looking to add some automation to your sales and recruiting.

Invisible Selling Machine

11. Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula ebook written by Ferny Ceballos is a fantastic blueprint to learn how to attract a constant flow of prospects and recruit new team mates into your MLM or Network Marketing business. He takes you through the different steps to take in detail and it's a must have for any Network Marketer.

I saved the best for last! Introducing the Attraction Marketing Formula. Written by my mentor and now my friend, Ferny Ceballos.

Coming across this ebook from an ad on Facebook changed my business and my life.

What he teaches inside this book will help any Network Marketer learn how to take their business online.

But more importantly, ATTRACT people and create a constant flow of leads and be able to brand yourself over your company. Learning marketing skills and leading with value and becoming an expert was what changed everything for me and I've seen so many other struggling Network Marketers build their businesses 

There are a ton more books I could feature that I've found useful and others mentioned when I asked and I'm sure I'll do another post with more recommendations soon.

I'd love to know what your favourite Network Marketing or personal development books are. Leave a comment below with what books have helped you.

To your success

Jenny Stevens


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