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How to Diagnose A Leaky Sales Funnel To Stop Losing Your Customers

By Jenny Stevens | Funnels

You've worked so hard on putting together your first funnel…

Maybe you've created your own lead magnet and put so much time and effort into it.

You've finally launched it out to the world and waiting for the flood of leads to swarm in?

Or you're promoting an affiliate funnel and trying to get it working so you can start the see those commissions come flooding in.

I get it and have done both of these things.

It can be frustrating when things are looking great in one area but not another. 

Once you're dealing with some kind of funnel, no matter what kind you're using...

It's so important to know how to look inside and under the bonnet and see what's going on and what needs your attention. 

Equally, if it's working and might be ready to scale and ramp up that bad boy!

In today's episode I'm going to be sharing with you how exactly you diagnose your marketing funnel and know what conversion rates to pay attention to and track.

Plus some ideas of things you might do if something isn't working as you'd like.


If you're more of a reader, the training is laid out below too.

Before we can do any diagnosis and be like Dick Van Dyke in Diagnosis Murder (who loved that show?!) 

No murders going on here though, just fun like lead generation and money making!

The first and KEY thing you need in front of you is…

1. Numbers & Data Need To Be Your Best Friend!

This is absolutely critical to be able to do anything.

You have to have data in front of you that enables you to see what's going on.

I'm going to go over what numbers you'll want to track in a little while…

But having something visible that you can easily see your different metrics and conversion rates will make your life so much easier.

Not only will it help you see things clearly, it will also help you make quicker and more informed decisions about where your time and focus needs to be.

Because let's face it, there's no point fixing something that's broken…

Or spending time messing about with a part of the process that doesn't need it.

It's absolutely critical to be able to see the numbers you need easily to start your diagnosis.

Sitting down with a calculator or pen & paper is not time effective!

Save yourself having loose bits of paper lying around or constantly having to work it out…

Make life simpler and easier for you and have that visibility at all time when you need it.

(If you don't have anything like that yet, you can grab my funnel tracking templates I created which I use myself in my own business - saves you having to worry about creating anything or knowing where to start) 

Once you have your numbers, then the next part makes more sense.

Without knowing your numbers you really don't have much of a business and you're walking a bit blind.

Therefore you've got to know what's what and and it's a little naïve if you don't think you need to do any of this as part of running a business.

2. The Core metrics to pay attention to

You will need to do a bit of set up initially so if you have got a funnel, make sure you have some tracking on your pages and site.

For example, I use Google analytics to see my page visits which helps me plug into my spreadsheets to work out the conversion rates.

If you don't have that, go and set up a free account in Google and get it set up then it will track everything on your site that you need.

The metrics I pay attention to are:-

- Visit to Lead - How many page visits from a blog post or capture page turn into a lead.

You'll see how good your content is and are enough people opting in to your lead magnet.

Especially if you're running Facebook ads too...

You really want to know how many of those link clicks convert to know how well your ad and funnel is working

- Lead to Sale - How many leads does it take on average to become a customer. And how much does it cost you if doing paid ads to get a customer.

This will tend to be a tripwire / low cost product to get a new customer.

- Customer to Upsell - If you have any upsells and upgrades in your funnel to your higher priced products or offers - how many customers does it take to get a higher upsell.

Again, what is the cost to get a higher priced customer.

Great to see how your paid advertising becomes profitable and you can scale your business. 

There are more granular metrics within Facebook Ads Manager etc but these are basic ones that are important. 

All of these numbers paint a picture of what's going on inside of your business which gives you so much more transparency and direction of what area needs you.

3. Understand the steps of your customer journey/Funnel

Numbers are all amazing and key, but I want to bring us back to thinking about each metric and number is a real person.

It's easy to forget that these are real people behind these statistics and I too forget this part sometimes.

What we need to really remember is, what does that customer journey look like?

What steps do they have to go through to be introduced to you and your offers?

What might they need to know to make a decision?

How does that user experience flow?

Does it fit and align with each other step involved?

I have a Customer Journey worksheet that I map out meaning I can see visually what each part of that process and journey looks like and what the goal is of each step.

Ensure you really know the steps they're going through to help you understand their journey and experience with you and your funnel.

4. Where is the breakdown?

​Now that you have the numbers in front of you of your customer journey and funnel process, where is the breakdown?

You'll need to have an idea of the benchmarks you're aiming for which that will be a whole other training!

Based on your understanding of what is working or not, now you can easily see if one particular area seems to be not working as well.

Or maybe there are a couple of holes that need your attention.

Getting that one piece working more effectively can transform your funnel and your results.

Equally it might be after reviewing your numbers, that you see that actually everything is looking good.

Your numbers are stacking up.

✅ Good conversion rates.

✅Good cost per sale.

✅And you're profitable.


This can be your time to scale that bad boy and raise your ad budget to get more people coming into your funnel to get more customers.

This is the magic of a funnel and why they're so key to growing a business to new heights.

If it's not quite there though then let's do a last couple of steps… 

5. What might be causing it?

Once you've discovered where the potential breakdown area of your funnel and customer journey…

Ask yourself.…

What might be causing it?

This is where knowing that journey well will help you.

Do you need to go back through it with fresh eyes and look at the steps again.

You can create a checklist of things you'd ask yourself to see what things might be causing a breakdown and then you go into number 6…

6. What might you do differently?

This is where the true entrepreneurs live.

Understanding that every piece can be tried and tested.

It's something not all business owners have the skills or patience for,

They want it to work NOW.

Unfortunately, the reality is that to make anything work, will take testing it out.

The good news is that nothing is failure and it's all learning steps of what did or didn't work.

Now you need to ask yourself what ONE thing you might try differently.

Some examples might be:-

If you're getting great lead conversions and at a low cost but they're not converting very well into a customer.

OK, so what might you try first?

You might try a new thank you video on your thank you page.

Furthermore, you might try checking your audience and your ad copy is actually setting up the sale even that early on to ensure you're qualifying people enough before they get that far.

Or if you're getting sales but they're not upgrading to higher priced offers.

What might you try?

Do they need more information?

Your email follow up may need to be longer to build ore trust or share more testimonials.

There are so many possibilities and know that just one tweak can change the game for you so it's worth persevering.

7. Review & Repeat

Finally, with a change you make, you'll want to revaluate with fresh metrics and numbers and go through the process again.

This time you can focus on how your changes are affecting that particular breakdown.

Did you see an increase?

Did it decrease?

As a result - Simply rinse and repeat from your findings.

Before you know it, you'll be making sales left, right and centre.

Your funnel is working super well and you can spend your time doing what you do best.

And it can work around the clock.

I hope these steps help you to see how not only, how effective diagnosing your funnels can be, but also it's not always plain sailing and simple to launch and funnel to set and forget it.

It is a process or trial and error, tweaking, testing, reviewing…

That is half the fun.

Your skills will MASSIVELY grow doing this and you'll be worthy of your business owner title!

When we look at all of this, without that core piece we spoke about in the beginning of having that visibility of your numbers in the first place...

Is in my eyes, what absolutely needs to happen.

For that reason, pick up my funnel tracker template today as well as the other trackers I am giving you and start diagnosing your own funnels and seeing what's going on in your business.

I'd love to know your biggest takeaways from this training and what you will be doing first on your own funnel. 

Just know you are one step away from an awesome funnel!

Go and make it happen!




If you don't know how to track your numbers or spreadsheets scare you into a rocking ball in the corner of a room - I got you covered.

Grab my spreadsheet bundle where I give you a specific funnel tracker and calculator as well as all my other business trackers I use in my own business.


If you want to be able to map out your customer journey and know what different steps takes someone from being aware of you all the way to serious advocate and sharing you to everyone they know - pick up my blank customer journey worksheet


If you're brand new to funnels but you want to know more about how it can work for you in your home business, then sign up for my free video series where I walk through the process.


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