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Are you interested in working personally with Jenny?

Awesome, so how can I help?

You see, I absolutely LOVE helping others succeed. It gives me waaaay more fulfilment to see others get breakthroughs and get results in their business.

Helping other home business owners get those lightbulb moments, or getting something working and generating their first lead or sale is amazing. Or seeing those Facebook posts as they quit their job and have finally got out of the rat race and call make their business their main thing.

I know all too well as that was me a few short years ago. I know how frustrating it can be building a business on the side of a full-time job and feeling as if you're never going to really make it like you want to. Busting your butt every evening and weekend trying to get things moving but just not getting much further.

That's why I know how crucial getting coaching and mentoring is. Because let's face it, trying to do it alone hasn't got you there yet has it?

I've had the self-sabotage, the lack of real belief, the trying to do spammy tactics that just felt yukky to me, the highs, the lows and that damn right annoying! But I LOVE it. I also know that one of the best days of my life was walking into that office block and handing in my notice and even though I was crapping my pants, man it was exhilarating to feel free!

Now it's your turn to break through!

Why should you work with me?

I have spent the last 4 years learning and developing my marketing & business skills for my own business and now get to share what has worked for me and everything I wish I had known, mistakes and triumphs to help you.

Teaching is kinda my thing, my 'zone of genius' some call it. Breaking things down into simple, actionable steps in a no frills, hands on, real and authentic way. Think of me as your friend next door who'll teach you how to build your business online!

Ensuring you've got the foundations set, you're building the bricks so you've got a strong and solid business and the right tools and systems to grow and be profitable so you can look at your business and feel proud...

Let's talk!

Who is this for?

Not everyone will be a fit to work with me, and there's certain people who I absolutely LOVE to work with, and some that I really don't! Below are who I work with so check you fit the criteria, and then choose your coaching option.

  • Must be Coachable
  • Be resourceful
  • Have High Integrity
  • Be willing to invest in yourself
  • Committed to taking consistent action
  • Be educated on Attraction Marketing and branding yourself
  • Basic computer skills

If you're looking to truly breakthrough and start getting some help so you can have a flood of interested people to talk and work less but get more by utilising a leveraged marketing system... this is where I can help you.

Doing it alone takes so much longer and saves a lot of time and frustration trying to figure it all out without any help or guidance. Let me work with you and we'll get you into momentum and unstuck.

If you fit into this criteria, then let's definitely talk soon! See the different options with how we can work together...

Coaching Options

Need a burst of coaching to get you unstuck or get things answered and clear?

Or you're just not ready to invest in full coaching with Jenny yet? Totally cool!

Power Hour is ideal for you.

If you'd like to get some short and to the point coaching with Jenny to get you moving forwards, click below to learn more...

This incredibly powerful method will help you break through your own barriers and blocks you may not even be aware of...

And find the root cause of what's holding you back and transform the way you think about yourself and allow you unleash the leader inside you!

Click below to learn more and book your powerful Rapid Transformational Coaching session with me.

private coaching with jenny stevens

Jenny loves everything digital marketing and seeing others get those a-ha moments and results start to happen are what lights her up!

If you'd like more personal help from Jenny to help you market yourself online and get your income somewhere you feel proud of but just don't know what to focus on...

Private coaching is for you. She'll help you create systems to not only give you better results, but also create leverage so you get more time back to have a lifestyle you love!

To see what options are right for you, click below to learn more...

Unsure of which is right for you?

Let's jump on a quick call for 15 mins or so you can ask any questions and I get see what you're looking for and needing help with to help you reach your goals. Totally informal and no pressure! (phone or video call but camera is totally optional - it might be a bad hair day!)

From the call, I can make a personalised recommendation for you that I feel would be the most beneficial for you whether it's with me or someone else I feel will be right for you.