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6 Simple Tips For How To Get Started With Email Marketing

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

where to start with email marketing can be a daunting thing. Not sure how to start with email but this blog post gives you my 6 simple tips to get started using email marketing for your business

Where to Start with Email Marketing

The good news is you’ve just  learned that using Email marketing in your business is a good idea, GREAT!

Are you feeling a bit stumped?

How on earth do I start?

What do I need to know when I don’t know anything?

Inside this blog post I’m going to share with you 6 simple tips to help you get started with email marketing like a pro!

These 6 tips will help you not only start off on the right foot of building your new list of subscribers and interested prospects in the best way,

You’ll also keep them hanging around wanting to hear more from you and buying your products and services.

Using the things I’ve learned over the last 4 years, Email is one of my favourite methods of communication with my audience and I’ve collated the top 6 things I do now that I didn’t necessarily do in the beginning, and wish I had!

I’m saving you the pain and frustration I had and giving you the good stuff from the get go! Yey!


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1. What do you want to achieve with using Email 

Before you do anything, it's important to know what are your goals you’re looking to achieve with email marketing? 

Brand awareness 

Making sales 

Getting people to events 

Getting website visitors 

Getting people to book a call with you 

Watching a presentation 

Recruiting people 

These are just some examples of what different objectives can be used when using Email Marketing. 

It’s easy to think you just set up your Email autoresponder and off you go. 

But it’s important to take a minute and be clear on what you’re looking to achieve first, as it’ll help you plan your content ideas of what to send and to whom. 

Email can be used in many different ways, here’s a post I did with >>6 of the best ways to use Email for network marketing<< that you might find useful.

Write out your top 3 goals you’d like Email to help you with and that can be your starting point.

2. Build your list with interested people 

Now you know what you want to achieve, now you need some people to talk to, right? 

Great, so how do we build up our list?

It’s important to remember that you don’t just want numbers.

You want quality over quantity.

Which would you rather…

10,000 people on your email list but only 100 of them buy anything from you or open your emails

Or 1000 people that you know are interested and highly qualified prospects in hearing from you and learning more about your product or business and are super qualified and targeted and 100 people buying from you?

The second one right?

It’s about getting the RIGHT people on your list to share your message with than thinking about buying a ton of people who maybe you get a small percentage to take a look at what you got to offer!

Next we need to think about where do we find those people and how do we get them to subscribe to our email list.

The best way that I’ve found to build a list of highly qualified people is by offering them something of value that will help solve a problem.

It’s called a Lead Magnet or a Freebie Offer.

Whatever you want to call it.

It’s a resource that is used as a bit of a ‘bribe’ in exchange for someone’s contact information.

By making it something valuable and helping solve a specific problem, it’s not just a boring “sign up for my newsletter’ because let’s face it…

Who does that?

I know I don’t.

They’re not as effective.

Our emails are full of junk sometimes so you want to make sure that those people are willing to add you to their inboxes for something useful.

There are many different things that you can give away for free in exchange for an email address; I give you some ideas and a way to ensure you’re creating something valuable in my Quickstart Lead Magnet Checklist which you can download for free.

A couple of examples are it could be a free pdf resource with some helpful steps or tips to get a specific result.

  • 30 easy recipes to help you lose weight that the whole family will enjoy
  • 27 home exercises you can do to shift that stubborn belly fat in 10 minutes a day!
  • The Best business tools every entrepreneur must have to work from home and save you tax!

Do you see how it can be something pretty simple to create but will get those looking for help in those areas raising their hand to say

“Yep, I’m interested in business tips, or weight loss tips, yes please, gimme gimme gimme!”

This is a great way to build your list with interested people who you know are going to find your campaigns worth reading and giving you more customers.

You can then share that on your website, or share it to social media to keep spreading what you have to offer.

Those who are interested, will add themselves to your list – brilliant!

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3. Create your awesome first campaign

Ok, so now you have a way to build your list…

We want to make sure we send them something killer, to ensure they stick around and actually read our emails and take notice of our message.

Firstly, you want to create an awesome first impression,

That’s where the lead magnet also comes into play.

You’re showing some of your best stuff to wow them and want them to stick around.

Now you want to continue to provide value and keep them there for the long haul.

Email is about relationship building and showing you’re the person to help them reach their desired outcome.

Start thinking about what would be the logical next step for someone who has just opted in your freebie resource and what they’re looking for help with.

This is why I said having 3 goals in mind, because email will have a few main roles when it comes to building up the relationship.

  • Rapport and trust building
  • Brand awareness
  • Promotion

Let’s break down these 3 steps.

Rapport and trust building

If someone is new to you, before you start trying to sell them, you need to build up a bit of rapport and trust first.

Think about if you went on a first date, and they suddenly they asked you to marry them!

You’d be a little freaked out right?

Too much too soon!

It’s the same in marketing.

You want to ‘date’ your subscribers a little before popping the question.

Having a well thought out Welcome series is one key step to introducing yourself to your new subscriber.

Let them know who you are and what you’re about.

This can cover both rapport & trust building, as well as brand awareness.

  • Who you are
  • Why you’re doing what you do.
  • What to expect in your emails
  • How often they’ll hear from you
  • What kind of content
  • How it’s going to be beneficial to them

I give a whole series of templates that you can use inside my Email course that you can just plug & play and change to your details which is super helpful.

You also want to include some great informative content too to show you know what you’re talking about and can help them.

After the welcome series, now they’re introduced to you and can see they haven’t been scammed and you genuinely have their interest at heart.

What else can you show that is going to over deliver?

Do you have some videos you’ve created that you can share with some more tips?

A blog post you wrote?

You can also introduce a low cost product you have that can help them with their problem they’re facing right now (remember they just gave you their email address for something, so keep that in mind at all times)

Your campaign can be a few emails long, sharing content that all leads back to your product being the bigger solution.

Lead with value and education to promote yourself and your product and don’t forget…

Make the offer too,

Just don’t do it too quickly or you’ll scare them away!

That’s why leading with value is so important.

If they don’t know you yet, you need to build up the trust and that’s where the amazing welcome series comes into play.


Once you’ve warmed your subscriber to you and what you help people achieve…

You’ve shared some great content with them in form of blog posts, videos, etc.

Now you can start to introduce some promotions.

I like to make most of my promotions subtle in my emails.

Every now & then I will do a more direct promotion if I have special offer or am partaking in an affiliate contest, or launching a new product or something.

But you don’t want to have every single email, promo, promo promo.

The other crucial thing to always remember…

Is it relevant?

There’s nothing worse than getting a bunch of emails that aren’t related to what you signed up for.

Think about clothing.

Let’s say you buy a dress online and maybe some cute shoes to go with it and then you start receiving emails with men’s clothing.

Uh…duh, I bought women’s clothing so I think it’s safe to assume I’m a woman and want to see women’s clothing.

Now you can slip in other things you maybe sell, but you want to make sure that your message is relevant to your audience.

It’s easy to just think, I’ll just send this to everyone on my list.

And when you’re just getting started, you can do that much easier, especially if you use this guide to get you started.

Because everyone who is joining your list is coming through your free offer which has something in common for everyone.

So when you’re just getting started with email marketing... 

...start small and keep it focused before you start moving on to more and more different things because trust me…

It gets harder the more you offer, so stick with one offer, one list and get it working before adding another.

4. Structuring your email

You now have an idea of a new campaign we can send.

When it comes to writing and structuring your email

I want you think about if you were going to write an email to a friend.

Especially when you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales etc.

It’s about relationship building and you’re not a billboard.

A great way to email people is by telling stories.

Share an experience you had in your day, share testimonials, case studies and then you can do a subtle plug for your product in the PS section.

It’s a good idea to write it in a very conversational way and as if you’re writing to a friend.

Rather than BUY NOW, bit pointing arrow, buy buy buy!

It’s harsh and a big turn off.

It does kind of depend what industry you’re in and if you’re an online store then you can be a bit more direct…

In fact, I used to work for a large retailing company before I quit my job and used to create product only emails…

It went against everything I’ve learned in the personal branding industry but they were very different.

I was still able to learn loads and implement into my business which gave me an upper hand from those who were learning from scratch.

With this type of email marketing, it’s about story telling and relationship building.

You may have heard the saying - stories sell, facts tell.

It makes your emails much more personal, relevant and adds YOU into it, which is what you want when you’re the brand.

So add some life and personality to your emails.

You also want them to be easy to read.

Not a sh*t ton of text in one paragraph!

Short sentences, white space and easy to read.

Look at this blog post, I have 1 or 2 lines per sentence to make it easier to read.

It flows.

And is easy on the eye.

It’s done on purpose to keep the reading flowing.

When we see a big chunk of heavy text, it’s a bit of a turn off as you think, man, I can’t be bothered to read all that!

So keep it simple, clean and moving.

Now I do like to include a button for my call to action, but some people don’t.

You can just have a hyperlink to where you want to take them.

It’s up to you.

I like a bit of a clearer way to say I want you to do something in my emails but the rest of the email is as I’m describing.

Something for you that you can test anyway and see what works better.

5. Get them to open your email

This one is one of those ones people overlook a lot.

You can have the best written email but if no one is opening it, it doesn’t really matter!

The subject line is worth spending a bit of time on.

I’m guilty sometimes of not always doing this too, but for the majority of time, I write out a few different options.

See what flows and sounds good.

Intrigue to get them to want to open it.

Again, the inbox can be a crowded place so you need to stand out and be different.

We see so many – Special offers!

“Last chance!”

“25% off today kinda things.”

If suddenly you pop up with “OMG you have GOT to see this!”

It gets a bit more attention.

Or adding in a simple emoji even! (Gotta love emojis! 😉

I give away a whole swipe file of my best email subject lines in my email course for ideas and inspiration.

I spend time testing things and seeing what works and what doesn’t and my students get to have the lot!

As you learn and develop your email skills, you can do things like split testing to see which does the best, but in the beginning, make things super simple for yourself and start small.

6. Track and Measure Like A Pro!

Finally, this last step is you must know what works and what doesn’t.

I do love a spreadsheet, I gotta admit!

I always make spreadsheets to track everything!

I have trackers for my emails, my affiliate sales and conversions, my products, my subject lines, my Facebook group metrics.

I think I may have a bit of a spreadsheet problem lol!

But seriously, if you can’t measure it and don’t track what you’re doing…

You have no idea if your business is working or not.

You can’t duplicate.

You can’t scale and grow your business effectively.

So track your key email metrics and pay attention to them so you can see trends.

The core metrics to track for email marketing are:-

  • Open Rate (OR)
  • Clicks
  • Click-through-Rate (CTR)
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Complaints

Maybe certain subject lines get good open rates.

Does having a special offer once a month bump up sales?

Did sharing a testimonial really build up trust and you had more clicks to your product or presentation?

These are all things to pay attention to.

So those are the 6 core tips to getting started with email marketing.

If you’ve been wondering where to start and what things you need in order to make it work for you, then hopefully this blog post has given you some insight.

I love email and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

It may seem a little scary at first.

Anything new is a little daunting.

That’s why I created my beginners email course, called Automated Selling Machine.

If you feel like a bit of a “tech tard”, then you’ll be guided through step by step on the set up of your autoresponder and creates your first campaign with an amazing freebie to offer out to build your list.

Don’t forget to pick up my free Quickstart Lead Magnet Checklist to help you grow your list with the highest quality leads who will be interested in your products and services.

I use this checklist each time I create a new freebie offer and I can crank out new resources in no time at all now!

You will too!

I'd love to know how you get on now that you know where to start with email marketing. Which out of the 6 was the best help for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until then, happy emailing!

Talk soon
Jenny Stevens

Get My Free Quickstart Lead Magnet Checklist!

In a hurry? Join my mailing list and as a bonus, download my free Quickstart Lead Magnet checklist. Know how to create an irresistible offer your prospects will love and build a huge list!

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