What Funnels For Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Do You Need? Part 1 - Jenny Stevens Coaching

What Funnels For Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Do You Need? Part 1

By Jenny Stevens | Network Marketing Tips

Dec 03
What Network Marketing funnels do you need to create is a common question. I show you 1 simple network marketing funnel to create to get more bookings for your mlm

What funnels for network marketing do you need?

Have you wondered what is a funnel?

Maybe you've heard the term flying around and not quite sure what it is or whether you need to make one!

This is a 2 part training where I break down 2 very simple yet highly effective funnels that Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers should create to make making sales and prospecting easier.

Plus adding some automation into your business so help you save time.

Inside this episode you'll learn:-

  1. What a funnel is
  2. How to create one of the easiest funnels but makes a big impact
  3. The steps needed to implement it plus tools I use

Watch the full training in the video below where you'll learn how the funnel works and each step needed and what it's for.


Resources Section:

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Recommended Trainings

Attraction Marketing Formula - A great blueprint on how to brand yourself and attract an endless flow of prospects to you to grow your downline without rejection. Provides in dept guidance on creating pages, funnels and how to position yourself as an expert. PLUS you get access to your own Blog which comes with templates to create your own funnels.

Tools For Creating Pages For Funnels

Elite Marketing Pro - As well as get mentoring and training on creating systems for your business, you also get access to your own Blog to brand yourself and have a lead generating system. Plus access to lots of templates to create pages like I mentioned.

Thrive Themes - A great theme to have on your blog that has a lot of templates to help you create your capture pages and all the pieces of the funnel. This is what I personally use and it's very simple to use.

Get Response - This email autoresponder also has landing pages which can easily link up to your email lists if that's your chosen autoresponder - what I use for my email software. Keeps it all in one place and you can also see your conversions

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About the Author

Jenny Stevens is an Online Marketing Coach & Trainer who specialises in helping Network Marketers & Affiliate Marketers generate new leads, get more customers and recruit more team mates using the Internet and to create automation in your business giving you time back to do the things you love.