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Jenny Stevens Reveals...

How to know everything about your target market...

that'll make them think you're reading their mind and buy from you!

Get my exact steps to learn everything you need to know about your target market to discover what they REALLY want, "read their mind" and never run out of content ideas again! Plus ensuring your products are the perfect fit for them, giving you more customers, easier after doing these steps!

Here's what you get in this blueprint:

  • Learn how to know your perfect customer better than they know themselves
  • 3 bite-sized video lessons with a complete walk through on how to do your research
  • Access to my secret tricks of extra things to do that not many marketers teach you!
  • Know how to use a simple formula when creating your messaging that will work every time!

Plus - 2 Special Bonuses...

  • Access to my private Facebook group to get any help you need as you go through the mini-course
  • A guided workbook for you to work through and complete with your course

I just know you'll get so much out of this short mini-course to help you have an easy, go to document for everything you need if you ever feel stuck or not sure what to say, how to sell your products and connect to your audience again.

It's easy to think you don't need to do the research and leg work in your audience and just go out and start trying to sell your products...

But I know first hand, that it's MUCH harder without it.

After you finish this mini-course, you will have so many ideas of content to create, simple ways to work your messaging using what you learn and a complete idea of who exactly you want to be your customers.

When I gave this training to a group of entrepreneurs in a special workshop, the feedback I got was fantastic and it really helped them.

Jenny has a special way of teaching things in such a simplified way. She really has a gift of sharing insights and her knowledge with the world. Her 'realness' keeps is so easy to relate to, she has a way of making a total stranger feel like an old friend. I absolutely LOVE her ideas and broadcasts

Dawn Williams - Online Marketer

If you are looking for someone who knows what to do and gives 200% for you to succeed ... you have found that person!

Rodrigo Rocadas - Network Marketer

Thank you ever so much... The two training sessions I have had with you have made a major difference in my business performance and my confidence

Christine Karanja-Jones - Network Marketer

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and give you killer messaging to get more customers!

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Well, I say, why would I penalise the 99% of people in the world who are good people just because of few bad eggs?