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Attention Struggling Online Marketer: Are you sick & tired of wasted efforts on social media with little to no results to show for it? If so, then read on…

Would you love your online business to give you more freedom while getting better results?

What your upline never told you about or maybe they just didn’t know either and the shockingly simple strategies you can make that will ensure you’ll have constant people to talk to about your business without the confusion, overwhelm and feeling like you’re missing something.

Dear Online Marketer...

I get it...

You are trying to build a business online.

If you’re anything like I was...

I was working in a full time job I hated and bored me to death!

I was bored of the mundane and repetitive life of work, cooking, TV, cleaning, sleep.

So I started my first network marketing business.

I loved it; I found a passion and whole new world I didn’t know existed.

I wanted to be free and so I knew I had to do what I could so I could quit my job and live this free live I kept seeing.

I did what I was told by my upline and leaders in my company.

  • Posting on social media.
  • Adding new Facebook friends to my personal profile.
  • Messaging random people.

But I HATED it!

It wasn’t me and so I just stopped doing it (the messaging & adding randomers that is)

It felt icky and slimy to me but it meant my business came to a halt.

I was watching webinar after webinar and buying courses and training trying to find what all these people knew that I didn’t about recruiting people.

But it just added to the overwhelm and confusion.

How I was being taught took way too much time in the day that I didn’t have.

I didn’t want to be chained to my phone all day, this was meant to give me time back not more!

And I certainly was spending more than I was earning!

My poor credit card debt was growing and I was getting stressed out that maybe this isn’t going to work for me and I was going to end up broke and miserable.

Then came the shining light.

One day I stumbled across that missing piece when I discovered…

A strategy that I could actually see working.

A solid way to be the leader I was so desperate to be to attract prospects and customers to me.

It was called Attraction Marketing.

I got started with a specific training and found my home.

Finally, real people who actually showed me how to do things online in a slightly different way than what I’d done before but it actually worked.

It took over 2 years and over £13k in investment before I was able to crack the code…

But it was totally worth it.

They taught me a skillset that can last forever and can be used to market any business.

Which is priceless.

Skills are what are needed and can be learned no matter what stage you’re at.

No matter how old, young, technically challenged or a whiz!

I got to work and implemented everything I was being taught.

What I loved most about the system, is I almost instantly I got my first lead from these methods and I was THRILLED.

All it takes is a small tweak to what you’re already doing and you can find interested people for your business.

This actually works, finally!

I soon after got my first new customer too and to actually make money instead of just spending it felt fantastic!

I even made sales while I slept or was enjoying time with friends or my husband.

Others, who were learning with me, have been able to recruit 6 & even 7 figure earners into their business from using these methods.

Making some extra money to help pay for Christmas, to huge changes in life from living in a basement of their in-laws and becoming 6-figure earners in less than a year kind of results.

Your goals and desires are your own.


I was able to quit my job after 2 years of getting help and taking massive action.

Some do it sooner, some take longer.

But that was the best day of my life!

Now I’m not promising that you’ll have these same kinds of results.

I’m not you and I don’t know how you’ll get into action…

But what I do know is that with mentorship and guidance, you can do anything you want to.

Imagine being able to wake up to an inbox full of new prospects and customers or commissions.

Making a quiet and non-profiting Facebook post and turning into a money making machine.

You’re just one breakthrough away and have as much chance of success as anyone you see walk the stages of events and anyone else reading this.

I believe in you.

I’m sure you can now see that by getting the help and mentorship from people who are using tactics and strategies that are working RIGHT NOW,

Is what are standing between you now and your goals!

You’ll finally know that the valuable time you have is being spent is on the RIGHT things and is much more likely to work than what you may have been taught before.

If you’re looking to get your business rolling and get those unanswered questions nailed down and you moving forwards to success…

Then you need mentorship.

You need the kind of guidance that comes from someone who is actively doing what is being taught.

I practice what I preach.

I don’t just talk theory and fluff, I show you how to action new & current tactics in a simple & easy way.

I’ve helped other struggling online marketers make tweaks and some bigger changes to their efforts and see them start to get results using what I’ve learned and implemented myself.

Which is why I’d like to introduce to you this brand new training series...

A members only community & training basis for online marketers & home business entrepreneurs, just like you!

An insider peek to what’s working and what isn’t in today’s online & social media marketing world so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did, saving you time and effort

I’ll also be inviting special guests who are top earners to share more of what’s working for them, giving you insights into 6 & 7 figure earners and the exact strategies they're also working on to get results.

See behind the scenes of my business and what I’m currently doing to market my business.

I’ll give you simplified and actionable steps to take away right away to implement into your own business.

Plus access to me to get your questions answered in these private training

As well as a chance to be in the ‘hot seat’ to have your marketing reviewed by me and other mentors.

Sometimes it can be just ONE thing that takes you from struggling and frustrated to jumping for joy and finally getting the results you’ve been praying for!

You’ll never have to worry about not knowing what works in today’s world as you’ll be in the know-how, each and every month.

Meaning you can get back to the most important task…

TAKING MASSIVE ACTION in your business!

In addition to the live sessions, you’ll also get access to all of the previous recordings of Today’s Marketing Insider inside our vault, which you’ll have access to go through in your own pace!

(You’ll be billed £35 each month after your 30 days expires)

I may be crazy to only charge £1 to access the best-kept secrets in today’s marketing tactics…

But my mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as I can to get unstuck like I did and share what I know so that you get results and fast!

If that means practically giving this knowledge away…

I’m happy because it’s about YOU, not me!

I’m confident you’ll find immense value in what you learn that you’ll stick around…

If so, fantastic, my job is complete!

If not, you can cancel your trial at any time, no questions asked.

This will be a work in progress and I will be looking for feedback on how to make it better and better so join the first of this new series, and help me help you!

I’ll be looking to you on what you want to learn about so I’m always helping you and answering your unanswered questions!

Here's what others had to say...


Recently I have experienced one of Jenny's fantastic online training courses. I have to admit, I knew I was putting the cart a bit before the horse when I signed up for the class. But, I also know Jenny and the value she ALWAYS brings to the table, so I made sure to get in on the action and could save all the goodies for my near future. As always, the value was outstanding and I am not sure how she does it, but Jenny has a magical way of simplifying the scariest of the techy stuff. A year ago I could barely copy & paste, but with help from experts like Jenny, I have come a long way baby! Thanks Jenny for all your hard work, dedication and always showing up!

Dawn Williams Online Marketer

What do you get when you join Today’s Marketing Insider Today?

  • A marketing plan you can trust that is proven to work for thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Simplified and broken down steps so you can get into action straight away
  • Insider secrets that are kept close to my chest with what I’m using in my business & am working right now! (Plus hear from some special guests too!)
  • check
    Different topics covered each month on how you can get more leads & customers into your business using online and social media marketing
  • check
    Access to all replays, past & present
  • check
    An invite to our private mastermind group for more access to me and further trainings

Take Part In Exclusive ‘Hot Seat’ Marketing Reviews

As an additional bonus, you can submit your marketing and have it reviewed by me.

This gives you real time feedback and I will let you know what’s great, what could be improved and give you specific recommendations for making it even better!

Some examples of what you can submit to have reviewed that I’ve helped lots of entrepreneurs with in the past

  • Facebook Ads
  • Blog posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Videos
  • Capture Pages
  • Lead Magnets
  • Funnels

Who is Today’s Marketing Insider for?

  • Network Marketers
  • Online/Internet Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Small Businesses

Today’s Marketing Insider is perfect for you if: -

  • You are a beginner to online/social media marketing
  • You are using social media but not getting results you’re hoping for
  • Don’t have a solid strategy and clear roadmap on how to build your business online
  • You’re just hoping for the best with what you’re doing
  • You’re using social media but want to up your game and scale!
  • You want mentorship & guidance

Implementing just ONE thing that you learn inside one of these sessions could be your breakthrough moment and what turns your business from meh to hell yeah!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

I can’t wait to see you inside and give you TMI! ;-) There’s never too much information!

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