Rapid Transformational Therapy with Jenny Stevens, UK


How to Unleash Ultimate Confidence and Self Belief to Create The Phenomenal Business You Desire Without Doubt & Limitations

Hey lady... I see you!

You're busy working your business and you just can't seem to push through that level in your income or get the things you know you 'should' be doing', actually done because something is holding you back and you don't know what!

I get it, that's been me for more than I'd like to admit.

Do you seem to hit a level in your business but can't seem to get past it? Such as a certain income amount for the year? Sometimes a glass ceiling is there on our income and we can't even see it - but it's there and it's there for a reason!

Are you constantly second guessing yourself and your abilities?

Wondering "who am I to charge high prices or give coaching or help to others?" 

This self doubt, and lack of self trust is a killer to the entrepreneurial spirit and it's got to stop. I see so many amazing women with extraordinary skills and talents that people are in desperate need for - doubting themselves, not charging their worth or worse still...

Not even putting themselves out there to even get clients!

Hiding in the shadows being 'busy' on other things except the income producing tasks that is actually going to get more customers and clients.

Second guessing your decisions...

Allowing that pesky doubt devil voice to take over and keep you stuck!

Is this you?

How about instead...

You finally step into your greatness once and for all. With conviction and confidence!

You stand by your high prices because you know you are absolutely worth it and your services or products are there to make change happen and that requires an investment.

You have a flow of consistent customers and clients coming to you because they know you're there and they need you.

Your diary is filling up with clients and appointments with interested people ready to learn more about what you do and credit card in hand... 

No more time wasters, uninterested people and you now love doing calls with people because they're ready for you!

You finally break through that income barrier and start making the money you desire and hit those goals with ease!

Would that make a difference in your business and in your life?

The good news...


Let me help you break free from the self sabotage, self doubt and make long and lasting change to your mindset and your business.

This isn't another motivational video or self help book... I offer RAPID results and that's exactly what this method offers....

What can Rapid Transformational Therapy do for you?

Using Rapid Transformational Therapy is an incredibly powerful method to discover subconscious blocks and breakthrough those limitations. Gaining understanding on how you came to have such beliefs that might be holding you back in life and in your business gives you such power.

We then can work on eradicating, erasing and eliminating those beliefs that are not serving you, and replacing with positive, powerful and rewarding beliefs which will actually build up your self confidence, self belief and allow you to live a life filled with love and happiness you absolutely deserve.

Many times we just don't know what is causing our blocks and limitations which is where I come in to help discover those together.

After as little as one session, you can walk away feeling refreshed, lighter from stress and heavy thoughts weighing you down and with a new sense of excitement for your business, for your life and ready to take action with unshakeable belief and knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH and can make it happen!

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy Work?

Find the Root Cause of What's Holding You Back

Using a mixture of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we use trance and regression to discover where ineffective beliefs and habits came from using some set techniques

Eliminate Old Beliefs So You Can Let Go And Be Free

Once you gain the clarity and awareness of where your issues stem from, we use a number of techniques to eradicate them offer a powerful release from those old feelings, beliefs and "unfinished business"

Rapidly Rewire Your Mind To Create Positive Changes

Finally, we uncover the meaning and create a personalised, new & empowering cure to instil in your mind new, positive and powerful beliefs to replace and rewire your mind. This method creates lasting change and drives action right now!

What Areas I Can Help You With










I specialise in Business Success and helping business owners and entrepreneurs break through blocks to help them and reach new success levels.  However, I can help with more personal issues too, including fertility, weight loss, anxiety etc. Click here for a full list of areas that can be treated.

Transform from the comfort of your own home

I work mostly online, transforming my clients over Video Call using Zoom.

I myself have had online RTT coaching and it was incredibly powerful and effective.

Doing hypnosis over the internet can make some people feel more comfortable and less anxious, plus there's no travelling, meaning location is irrelevant which means I can help people all over the world, which I absolutely LOVE!

What Some of my Clients had to say...



My RTT experience with Jenny was so powerful and I felt amazing after the session. Jenny guided and helped me to be able to understand the root and the cause of how I came up with my old self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging stories that i am not enough and worthy for my dreams in life. 

Jenny is very passionate and knowledgeable of her practice and genuinely cares by the follow ups after the sessions to make sure of my results. 

I love the personalized recording, it is life changing. I Highly recommend working with her.



I had big money blocks before working with Jenny, I always avoided talking and asking about money to my clients. During the session with Jenny's expert guidance I was able to find the root cause of my issue and erase it!

Listening to the recording has been so easy and the results are incredible I'm now happy to talk to clients about money and have no problem asking for it! It's made business so much better. I would definitely recommend working with Jenny!



I worked with Jenny because I struggled to earn and charge as much as I wanted for my services. While working with her I uncovered some beliefs that were preventing me from raising my prices.

Since then I have been able to tell some clients my new rates without blinking or taking it back when they seemed surprised. I have been feeling more relaxed and confident that I'll be able to earn more even in these difficult economic times because I know my services really help and bring value to my clients.

I would definitely recommend Jenny to people who know they "should" be able to do something or think differently but can't because it's something that's played at the subconscious level. Thank you Jenny.



Give your business a reboot and uplift from the inside out by transforming your mindset for success with added coaching for action taking starting today!

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