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Today's Marketing Insider is Jenny Stevens' monthly training where I share behind the scenes to what's working for me and others in the online marketing industry. Current trends, what's working now in social media marketing and online marketing strategies helping you get up to date training to help you grow your business

Price: Join for just $1 today. (30 day trial, $35 per month thereafter)

NEW: Today's Marketing Insider

A brand new monthly training session where you'll learn what's working now in today's marketing world online. Social media & digital marketing strategies to help you get more leads, customers and team mates.

  • Access to past & present training inside our Go-Getter Hub!
  • Chance to be in the 'Hot Seat' to have your marketing reviewed by me & my special guests
  • See behind the scenes with how I build my business so you can learn from my mistakes and stay up to date with current methods that are working right now!


Attraction Marketing Formula - Highly recommended

This should be your first place to start so you understand the fundamentals of internet marketing and how to attract people to you. Discover the easy way to recruit people into your home business online… Rejection free. So you don’t have to waste your time and money chasing dead beat prospects and leads.

Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint

A complete step-by-step blueprint to Create an Instant Surge of New Customers (and more team members) Into YOUR Network Marketing Business using a "7 Minute Retail Method". Plus a portion of the proceeds goes to a worthy cause - Heifer International. Click to learn more


One of the most critical elements of building a long term profitable business online is building your own email list. Here you'll find my recommended software to use along with trainings courses I've created to help you make your email list work effectively & efficiently.

Automated Selling Machine 1.0 - Highly recommended

If you're looking to build a list of ready-to-buy and join you prospects & customers, this is the #1 skill you need to learn. This beginners course to will be everything you need to get set up, helping you to create your own automated follow up system that gets you sales and allows you to reach more people in less time, giving you more time to spend doing what you like!

Email Reengagement Workshop

Get step-by-step walkthrough to help you set up an Email Reengagement Campaign. This campaign is a MUST if you're building an email list as it not only helps you win back your subscribers or get rid of dead weight ensuring you always keep a clean list. A more advanced campaign but worthwhile!
Click below to learn more and get started now.


Get Response email system

Get Response

My personal Email software recommendation as it's what I use. Has lots of features as standard and easy to use. I've used this for over 3 years and highly recommend it.

Aweber Email System


This is another great Email software good for beginners and comes highly recommended by my mentors. I used it briefly but as I' already been familiar with Get Response, I stuck with it but another great alternative.


Elite Marketing Pro

Become part of the most sought-after internet marketing system and community on the planet. Elite Marketing Pro will coach and mentor you to create your own online business empire.

*Some of these links will include affiliate links to trusted partners. I only promote trainings and courses that I have gone through myself and know how great they are which is why I have selected only the best to share with you.