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How to Create An Empathy Map For Network Marketing

By Jenny Stevens | Network Marketing Tips

How to create empathy map for network marketing. Inside this training, I'll walk you through how you can create and use empathy mapping for your network marketing business. You'll learn how to connect to prospects, how to find content ideas and in return, it'll help you sell more of your mlm products

I hear it a lot!

"What do I say to a prospect to help sell my products?"

"I don't know what to talk about!"

"No-one is commenting on any of my posts!"

I've made these statements too!

Inside this episode is a method that ALL businesses should do but most importantly...

If you're trying to connect with people and build up rapport & trust with someone...

This is a necessary exercise!

Empathy mapping is something I recently came across and it was the added layer of market research that has really helped.

I decided to teach what I'd learned in a Facebook Live and I've had great feedback on it so I thought I'd turn it into a post with the replay for you.

What you'll learn inside this video training:-

  1. How empathy mapping can help you understand your prospects and customers
  2. Step by step walkthrough of how to complete it
  3. What you can do with this exercise once finished to be able to sell more products and recruit more team members
  4. Simple ways to involve your team so you all have the same message

Watch the video below and I've also included a free download of a blank template that you and your teams can use once you've finished watching how to fill it in.


This is such an important exercise to do and make sure to allow yourself a good couple of hours to complete this...

...especially if you haven't done it before.

Once you have your first go at it, you can build on it and it will evolve & develop.

Once you have this completed, you will have so much content topics you can use and terms that you can use in your marketing message to really connect to your prospect...

...they'll feel like you know exactly how they feel.

That's good marketing!

I hope you found this exercise and tutorial helpful, I'd love for you to share this with your friends and team mates who would also find this valuable.

Don't forget to download your free blank template for you & your teams to use. Click here to download now.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on how you are going to use this, I'd love to hear your feedback.

Until next time

Jenny Stevens

Founder of Jenny Stevens Coaching


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Jenny Stevens is an Online Marketing Coach & Trainer who specialises in helping female business owners learn how to attract their perfect customers and clients using modern online marketing methods, which enable you to work from where you want, when you want with a business and life you love!