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How To Tap Into Your Prospects’ Unspoken Desires To Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

Sep 24
how to understand your prospects desires

In this episode you’re going to learn one of the first steps you must do to be successful in any kind of marketing.

If you’ve been in your business for a while, it’s ok, all is not lost! I encourage you to watch the full episode and get started today, and then ensure any new teammates do the same steps to help get them off to the best start.

This crucial step is to understand WHO it is you are marketing to.

Who is your audience?

Without doing this step, you might as well be throwing your money down the drain if you’re using any sort of paid advertising, and might as well be shouting with no voice!

In this episode of Jenny Stevens TV, you’ll learn: -

  • Who it is that you want to “talk” to
  • How you can tap into their minds
  • How doing this will help you be a better marketer to help you get more sales and find more team mates to join you.

Click on the video below to watch the full training so you can learn how doing this crucial step is going to save you a lot of wasted effort and time and ensure your team do the same!

How To Tap Into Your Prospects' Unspoken Desires To Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness – EPISODE 2

When I think back to when I first got started in my Network Marketing business in 2014, I cringe a little!

Although I did well with sales initially, it didn’t take long for things to die down and people to stop responding so much to my posts.

Because I was using my personal page, everyone who was on my friends list (those who would see my posts at least as it’s such a small percentage) would see makeup posts even if they were interested or not.

Doing a new post on my wall was like a “spray and pray” method that I call it. Something I now know as this.

What this means is that you do a post and spray it out to everyone and hope that someone interested sees it and then comments or reaches out to you.

Now I could’ve removed anyone not interested in my business, but hey, this was my personal profile so I had friends and family there too.

This is why I recommend using a business page (and you can see the pros and cons of both in this useful post I did)

But for right now, let’s stick with this topic in hand.

When you do your posts, are you clear on who you want to see it?

This is what we’re diving into today.

If you aren’t clear on who you are talking to in your marketing, then you’re going to wasting time and effort.

Because if you don’t know who it is that you’re aiming for, how is your audience meant to know it’s for them!

Does that make sense?

Think about TV adverts, have you ever heard an advert and it sounds like they’re speaking directly to you about a problem you are going through right now…

…and you think… “Wow, that’s so me!”

This is what I want you to make your prospects feel like.

How do you do this?

Let’s go through the process I do every time I feel stuck and what I wish I’d done in the beginning.

I want you to ask yourself a few key questions to be able to identify WHO you want to attract.

1. Who is your perfect customer / prospect?

I recommend doing this for both your product and your business opportunity as they may be different.

What attributes do they have?

For example:-

  • Age bracket
  • Certain locations
  • Gender
  • Characteristics
  • Interests

This will help you know what sort of person you want to attract to you.

2. What are my prospects problems/struggles?

Now I want you to think about what problems or struggles your potential customers or prospects will be going through? (Again, do this separately for product and business)

The reason we want to dive into their pains & struggles, is that people don't buy a product just to have it (well in most cases anyway 😉

There's a great quote from Perry Marshall...

"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes, not about drills"

People are driven by wanting to get away from a painful feeling

Understanding what their pain points are will help you understand them better and how they're feeling.

Here's some questions to ask yourself

  • What are they feeling stressed about?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What are they fed up of feeling like?
  • What's holding them back?

For example:

If you’re selling a weight loss product, your prospects might be feeling things such as:-

  • Lack of confidence
  • Clothes don’t fit
  • Can’t play with their kids as much as they’d like to without being out of breath
  • Health scares
  • Hate looking at their reflection

Or maybe you sell makeup or skin care, they might feel things such as:-

  • Bad skin / acne
  • Feeling low confidence due to their bad skin
  • Feel like they need to cover up blemishes but cant find anything that works or without feeling caked in makeup
  • Worrying about makeup not lasting throughout the day for a wedding / occasion

Or maybe for business it might:-

  • Bored of working in a job you hate
  • Hate having too much month left before payday again
  • Worrying about money all the time
  • Not being able to be at home with your babies because you have to work more than you’d like
  • Not able to work due to health reasons and have no income

Hopefully you see what this could look like for your prospects / customers.

Go and make this list, and focus on one first, choose your main focus whether that's product based or business.

I’ve created this useful worksheet for you to use and jot all of these ideas down.

3. What are your prospects desires?

Now let’s think of the opposite, and the good stuff! (It’s much nicer thinking about happy thoughts!)

The 2 aspects that drive people to make decisions... get away from pain as mentioned above, and the second is to go towards their desired outcomes.

We all loved the idea of the lifestyle that comes from Network Marketing if successful. The residual income, freedom, more travel...'s what motivates a lot of people.

List out what is it your prospects are looking to achieve.

  • What are their desires?
  • Outcomes?
  • Dreams?
  • What would they love to achieve?

For example:-

  • Being there for your kids and not missing out on a moment
  • Feel healthier
  • Look in the mirror and smile at the reflection
  • Walk with sass and feel sexy again
  • Play with the kids with ease
  • Be around longer to see the grandkids grow up
  • Have clear skin so can wear less makeup
  • Feel good about my reflection
  • Go shopping without worrying about the bill at the checkout
  • Have a stress-free Christmas
  • No more alarm clock (that was mine!)

This should again, give you some ideas and get the ball rolling for your own prospects.

Once you understand these elements of your prospects, you can come up with a killer marketing message.

If you can come up with hundreds of pains and problems of your prospects, you can likewise produce hundreds of ads that tap into their pains and desires.

Need help?

Here’s a little bonus tip for you on creating headlines 

“How to __________________ (insert benefit/desire) without ___________________(insert pain/struggle)

It’s a really simple and straightforward formula to use to help you connect with your audience and speak to them directly but on mass!

Let’s recap:-

Write out who your perfect customer or prospect is and their traits, interests, demographics

What are your prospects pains/struggles

What are your prospects desires

Take the time to do this exercise and I’ve provided you with a free resource for you to download to work your way through and collate this list.

It can then be your go to list, printout out, stick it on the wall to refer to all the time. I promise you, it will help you.

I felt stuck last week and went back to basics and redid this exact process and after doing this, came up with 6 months worth of content ideas, so I know it works 😉

Click here to download your worksheet and I’d love to hear how doing this exercise helps you in your business or what your biggest takeaway from this training was, leave your comments below.

If you missed my 1st episode of Jenny Stevens TV where we talked about Benefits vs. Features and how you can connect to your prospects almost instantly, you can go to that here, which will help you take what you’ve done in this week’s training, and add it on with last week’s topic for killer content which will speak to your audience much more personally…

…and therefore, helping you sell more products and find more team members.

I hope you found this useful. Stay tuned for next week’s topic which brings these first 3 weeks all together to set yourself as an expert to build more authority with your now clear audience!

Until then, talk soon

Jenny Stevens


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Jenny Stevens is an Online Marketing Coach & Trainer who specialises in helping Network Marketers & Affiliate Marketers generate new leads, get more customers and recruit more team mates using the Internet and to create automation in your business giving you time back to do the things you love.