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Why Having A “Home” Online Will Help You Build Your Network Marketing Business Easier

By Jenny Stevens | Blog

Nov 12
Why To Have A Personal Blog For Network Marketing

It can make you dizzy…

New things to learn how to use.

There are so many different ways to communicate with people nowadays.

Social media alone can leave people constantly flitting between them trying to master them at the same time.

I tried to do this too and I can tell you…

…it doesn’t work.

Thinking you need to be on every one of them can be exhausting.

Or you try and use the way you work one, on another and it’s completely different so that method doesn’t work.

Or is that just me?!

In this episode of Jenny Stevens TV, you’ll learn: -

  1. Why it's essential to create a "Home" online if you want to brand yourself
  2. The 2 must-have include in your online "Home"
  3. How to save yourself a ton of time on social media

Watch the full training by hitting the play button below.

Why Having A “Home” Online Will Help You Build Your Network Marketing Business EASIER - EPISODE 7

What's an Online "Home" for?

What if you could create one piece of content, and then just share it to those different platforms?

Bringing all of those “friends”, Likes, Followers, Snappers (I don’t even know what Snapchat followers are called but I thought that sounded like a cool name for them lol!)...

...back to the same central place.

Let me explain why you’d want to do this.

I’m sure we can all agree that social media can be distracting, right?

Especially Facebook.

While I love it and most of my business comes from Facebook advertising,

I also hate it can suck me into the deep vortex of scrolling!

Who else can relate to that?

You start off watching a video and then a message pops up and you get taken away from it.

Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour doing sweet f.a.!

The BIG benefit to why you want to get people OFFLINE (or off social media as fast as you can) is so you can have their attention.

Think it’s pretty safe to say that we have much shorter attention spans these days, thanks to things like Facebook and other platforms.

I can barely watch a film without checking my phone loads of times throughout it – WHY?!

But anyway…

If you want people to get more absorbed in your content, then it’s a great idea to have a Central Hub that becomes your “home” online.

This can be a blog or website of your own.

Now when I thought of having a blog, I thought, I don’t know what to write about. No one would see it, why would anyone listen to me?

That’s where building a personal brand really helps and doubled up with having your own space online, brings the two together.

What you’ll get by having a hub is somewhere to always bring people to where it’s all about YOU and helping solve problems.

You’re not branding your company or your products…

This is about YOU.

Plus, you’ll be setting yourself apart from most Network Marketers and you’ll instantly be seen as an authority by having this space.

Look at all the top earners, they ALL have their own websites branding themselves.

Look at Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Sarah Robbins etc. they all have something in common...

...people know their names. Not their company, but them.

And they've all got their own personal branded website.

If you think about your replicated website that you probably have, even if you have your own domain, which directs to that…

…when someone clicks on it, what do they see?

No doubt, it’ll be the company name.

So they’re being left remembering the company name, not YOU.

What's to stop them from googling your company name and maybe ending up signing up with someone else, or see a bad review and get put off.

If you want to learn more about Personal branding, I recommend this great post I recently published http://jennystevenscoaching.com/why-building-a-brand-online-makes-recruiting-easier/

What do I have on my blog?

There’s 2 main reasons and things you want to have on your website

That’s branding you...

...and helps make your life easier when it comes to prospecting and spending your valuable time not constantly on social media!

1. To be able to collect your prospects information

The best way to be able to build a list and have people reaching out to you wanting to know more about what you do is...

... to have a way to collect their contact information.

You can then set up a whole follow up system that’s automated (check out my post on Automating your business that goes into more detail about this HERE​.

This is where you get rejection free prospecting

Saving you having to make that 100 list of people you know as you’re having qualified people put themselves on your list.

2. To solve problems

The second is where you show yourself as an authority and expert in your niche.

You do this by sharing content.

  • Tips
  • Tutorials/demos
  • Reviews/testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Benefits of your products

All sorts of things.

For examples, if you’re in health & wellness, you can provide healthy recipe ideas, workout tips, health tips for the whole family etc.

Or if you’re in makeup; look ideas, makeup tutorials, current trends, reviews etc.

Provide valuable information that’s going to help people solve a problem and show that you can help them as you know your stuff.

(And you can do this even if you’re brand new!)

By giving away free content that covers what they would want help with

Then by using step 1 to flush out those who want to know more, 

Means you have a list of highly qualified people and your perfect customers or prospects.

Once you have a piece of content, you can then share it everywhere.

This is where you can utilise all those different platforms you might be using but the AIM here…

…is to bring them BACK to your website.

Take them away from the distraction and have them focused on you.

 Then they have a way to be able to take the next step.

Whether it’s going to your product page to buy, or wanting to talk more about your business and working with you.

It can be very easy to set up and doesn’t have to be difficult or need to be a tech wizard.

But understanding how you provide value and create a way to collect your prospects information is the main bit to learn..

If you want to no more about creating your own hub and lead generating system, click here to get my free online recruiting bootcamp.

You’ll learn how you can set this up for yourself and how it can drastically change your prospecting efforts and actually save you time.

No more facing rejection and sceptical people.

People will start to know YOU and how you can help them and by doing the steps I talked about in this post…

…You’ll be putting yourself in that top elite% of people who won’t do this, but they’re missing out.

So if you’re serious about taking your business to new heights...

Maybe your goal is to quit your job (like it was mine, and I’m happy to say that because of doing this exact thing, I was able to do so in 2 years).

It will take work, it’ll take learning new skills, but it’ll be worth it.

Simple click here to get access to your free training where it goes into more depth about branding yourself and creating your own personal hub where this will be your place.

No matter if social media platforms disappear, or more are created (which I’m sure they will be),

Bringing everyone back to your “home” online will be what you can control and where you can guide their journey.

I hope you found this useful and you can see the benefits of branding yourself and using a central place for yourself can help you in your business.

Let me know in the comments below if you already have your own space or would like to learn more about this.

To your success!

Jenny Stevens


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