Save time and brain power on your numbers while boosting productivity

Stay on top of your marketing numbers... Without being a spreadsheet whizz!

Does the thought of building spreadsheets make you want to pull your hair out?

Formulas, conditional formatting, knowing where to start with creating something useful and productive sound like all too much work...

But you know you need to track your numbers for your business but not sure where to start with having what you need?

Fed up of getting the calculator out and working out your important numbers like cost per lead, cost per acquisition, conversion rates for your funnels.

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a spreadsheet geek, but I know so many who hate them and just don't want to create them.

And that's totally cool!

I see so many fellow entrepreneurs get asked questions from mentors and business coaches about their numbers and they don't have it to hand, they aren't staying on top of the data as it's not easily accessible without spending too much time diving into Facebook Ads Manager, getting the calculator and working it all out!

Or they just don't know enough about Excel to create something that gives them what they need without manually adding in every tiny bit of info.

The good news, I'm kinda good at this stuff and actually really like building spreadsheets - I know I know, who knew I was a secret geek!

After helping my business friends with their numbers and showing them my snazzy colourful spreadsheets with graphs and formulas to work out stuff for you (I LOVE automation and spreadsheets that work out for you!) 

I mean who has time to sit there all day and analyse data, right?!

I decided to create a bundle of all of the spreadsheets I've created and tweaked along the way of my own business journey and turn them into a template bundle to give to you!

You'll save yourself time from being bogged down by data and actually boost your productivity...

All while having better visibility of those all important numbers to help you make faster decisions to improve your marketing funnels or scale your business based on real data.

You'l be able to see trends, spikes, troughs, what's working and what's not!

Without knowing your numbers, you don't really know if your business is working or not.

And that's NOT ok!

So I know that when it comes to creating spreadsheets for you to have this, it can be daunting, especially if you're not that excel whizz to know about formulas and all that stuff!

That's why I created this...

The Online Funnel & Social Tracking Bundle (aka The Big Daddy Spreadsheet!)

boost your productivity by Quickly & Easily seeing your important Marketing numbers without the Manual Labour or worry of being a Spreadsheet whizz!
  • Get more visibility to what's working & what's not in black & white with your online marketing efforts
  • Plug and play spreadsheets saving you time and energy worrying about formulas and spreadsheet building - I've taken care of it!
  • Want to know how scaling your marketing will affect your results? Use the Funnel Scalability calculator to see what results you can expect based on your real data for logical decision making!


Why Wait? Get the bundle now - £37

Who am I? Jenny Stevens

Jenny is an Online Marketer and previous corporate spreadsheet buff! 

"I love spreadsheets and enjoy making them! (Secret geek at heart!) I like to be able to have the visibility I need to make a job or business easier. In my corporate lifetime, I spent a lot of time building and working with complex spreadsheets and became a bit of go-to person when colleagues needed help.

After quitting my job and starting my online business, I've brought my corporate learnings of spreadsheets into my business world and have developed effective tracking of online marketing from social media, email metrics, paid ads etc. I'm always tweaking and working on making them better as I learn and grow in business too, so I'm now sharing them with you!"

In This Bundle, You Will Have:


  • Track your income and expenses to see how your business is doing
  • Forecast your new year so you're clear on how you're going to hit your targets
  • Make sure you're paying yourself what you want
  • See here any changes needed to be made to help you grow


  • Track your leads & sales on a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis
  • Facebook ad tracking
  • Scalability calculator to see how adding more leads to your funnel will impact your sales & revenue
  • Easy dashboard for quick view


  • Track your personal sales as well as your whole downline sales
  • Keep a view of your prospects
  • See how your team is performing - are there are trends or gaps
  • Do you lose team members as quickly as you recruit them? Track your attrition and retention of your downline


  • Easily see how your broadcast & follow up emails are received with your list
  • Learn what type of emails do well or not so you do less of what doesn’t work and more of what does
  • Individual emails as well as monthly, quarterly and yearly report


  • Tick off each step to creating your amazing blog posts
  • Ensure you've done everything needed
  • Blog sharing tick list
  • Track your blog content performance for leads & sales


  • Track how engaged your group members are
  • Know if certain things you do make a difference
  • See if certain months have peaks and troughs to help you plan
  • Easy to view dashboards

Boost your productivity and see critical metrics for your funnels and follow up


Save time trying to build spreadsheets - just plug in your data and spend your valuable time on the more important tasks

Simply add in your data and your conversions will be calculated automatically. Easy to view dashboards and graphs to see trends, spikes and troughs to see what's working and what's not.

Why Wait? Get the bundle now

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