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How To Use Embed Invitation To Grow Your Facebook Group

By Jenny Stevens | Social Media Training

how to use embed invitation in facebook groups

How to Use The Embed Invitation To Grow Your Facebook Group for Free!

Facebook Groups are so hot right now!

Used for so many different things from Network Marketing prospecting, teams, community, interests, courses...

You name it.

The beauty of groups is it's a way to bring together people to create a tribe or community to discuss interests you have in common...

Share your products or services,

Have some fun, share recipes,

Bring together your customers, prospects for your business and make more sales.

And groups are super hot right now.

I'm sure you're in several groups yourself!

Facebook recently brought out this new feature to help you grow your group for free with a cool visual way for people to join you.

A way to embed an invitation anywhere you want using html code. (Don't let the word "code" scare you!

Inside this post, I show you how you can use it and the 2 main places I use this invitation so far to continually grow my group each and every week with little effort.

By using this feature you'll be giving your audience a simple and easy way to find your group and you'll be getting requests to join so you're always growing your tribe!

Watch the video tutorial below or keep scrolling for screenshots and written version for those who aren't video people!

How to Use Embed Invitation To Grow Your Facebook Group

This is really simple and easy thing to do and it looks great.

(Look to the right of this blog and you'll see my own widget with it in action where people can easily join my free group for Online Marketing Go-Getters where I share more tips for using social media and digital marketing strategies to grow your business to get more leads & customers.)

But back to how you create one of these widgets!

First step is to go to your Facebook group and see if you have this feature yet.

Note: This is only for public or closed groups. Secret groups won't have this feature as it's "secret" so can't be found by anyone other than members.

It's also not been rolled out to everyone yet, so if your group is public or closed and you can't see it yet, you may need to keep checking for when Facebook has given this feature to you. you do see it, great, let's move on to how you use it.

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How to use Embed Invitation for Facebook Groups to grow your facebook group numbers easily and for free
How to use Embed Invitation for Facebook Groups
How to use Embed Invitation for Facebook Groups

Step 1 - Go to your Facebook group and select the Embed Invitation text

1. Select Embed Invitation

Step 2 - Click inside the box of code and copy

Step 2 - click on the code and copy

You don't need to worry about what the code means or change anything. When you click inside the box it automatically selects it all, just hit copy (ctrl c or right click Copy)

Step 3 - Embed Invitation to your Email (using an Autoresponder)

I include this widget inside ym autoresponder at the bottom of most of my emails now as a way to grow my group with each email I send.

In this example I use Get Response but you can do this for any autoresponder software you use. Just look for HTML that you can add or edit.

Once I create a new newsletter, at the bottom of the screen is an HTML editor link I can select.

It asks me if I want to continue and select Yes.

Step 4 - Add code to the HTML

This screen with the html code will appear.

Don't be scared!

It can look a bit intimidating if you don't know anything about code like I don't!

You'll want to go to the bottom of any code that's there

You'll then want to hit PASTE so the code goes into the screen.

Inside of Get Response, I can see what it looks like before I come out of the HTML editor.

Note: Sometimes it's a little temperamental and doesn't always stay first time (I have no idea why but check it is still there when you close that screen)

Step 3 - Add code to your email autoresponder

Step 5 - Write email and send!

You can either write your email first and then add your html code last or however you want to do it.

Once you're finished, just choose your recipients on your email list and hit SEND and wait for the requests to come in!

Step 6 - Add custom html widget to your blog/website

The other place I include this embed invitation is inside my blog side bar.

You can add it anywhere on your site that you like.

I use WordPress so will show you how to do this inside of this.

Go to your Widgets area which is inside of Appearance on your side bar inside of WordPress.

Drag a "Custom HTML" block to your sidebar as shown

Add embed invitation to wordpress

Step 6 - Add a title and paste code

You can then give it a title that will show up.

I like to give a call to action title to be clear what I want my visitors to do.

Next, paste the code again inside the empty field.

Paste the embed invitation to your custom html widget inside of wordpress

Remember to hit SAVE and you're done!

That's it!

This is what it looks like if you missed mine above!

I really like the visual group invite, it is really simple and easy for people to click JOIN and come over to your group.

I get new requests every week with just these 2 places with minimal effort so I know it works!

These are 2 places I use but you can add this same code anywhere you like.

If you have more ideas of great places to show it, I'd love to hear them below.

There may be something obvious I've missed on where to include it 😉

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and you see an increase in your group members.

I'd love to hear if it helped so share below in the comments and share this post with your friends and network who may also find it useful.

Don't forget to also come and join me in my Go-Getters Mastermind group where I share more tips and trainings on building your business online using social media and online marketing strategies.

I'd love to see you there and help you further.

Stay tuned for more trainings on how you can use Groups to grow your business to get more customers, build your team and grow your income using this powerful tool.

Until next time.

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