How to Win Back Your Email Subscribers Who've Disappeared & Get Higher Open & Click Rates!

Jenny Stevens
Online Marketing Trainer & Coach

I don't just tell you...
I SHOW you, step by step so even beginners can set this up!

Creating a Re-engagement campaign is crucial if you want to build a solid and functioning Email List. This campaign keeps a clean and engaged list at all times, giving you better open rates and clicks to your offers! 

Many trainings miss out the details and the technical help with step by step if you're not technical.. which is why I created this in-depth workshop to do just that!

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"The value was outstanding and I am not sure how she does it, but Jenny has a magical way of simplifying the scariest of the techy stuff."

This is for you if...

Your Email open rates are lower than you'd like and less people are paying attention to your emails.

Or maybe you have a decent sized list but you've never implemented any kind of list cleaning to get rid of dead weight but you have no idea where to start!

Need more technical help to put your campaign into action.

  • Cleaning up your Email list will ensure you aren't wasting your time with dead beat leads and are only spending your valuable time & money on those who want to hear from you.
  • Have a holding hand as we walk through the technical set up together. I show you my exact campaign and go through step by step how to set it up... so even a beginner and tech novice can do this!
  • Once set up, you can let it work for you on autopilot.
  • Get higher open rates, clicks and visitors to your offers by flushing out freebie hoggers and time wasters! Leaving you with a list of your most engaged and adoring fans!

Don't Fear the Email List! Clean Up Your List With Everything You Need To Know

Don't worry about tech, not being shown enough of the "How-to" or missing things out.
Here's what's included...

Email Templates

Download our Email templates for you to plug & play, saving you time & effort trying to know what to say!

Full Technical Walk-Through

You'll get a full step-by-step walkthrough of the technical side, showing you how to set up the automated workflow.

Private Mastermind Group

Access to me and other members of this workshop plus other courses of mine so you can get your questions answered.

Why Do You Need A Reengagement Campaign?

Getting rid of dead weight! You want to keep your email list full of only those who are wanting to hear from you and engaging with you. Plus who are more likely to buy. If people have switched off, this will either get rid of them, or bring them back to life!

Increase your open rates. When you get rid of people who aren't engaging with you, your open and click rates will naturally increase. Giving you a clearer idea of how well your emails are being received.

Stay GDPR compliant. With GDPR taking over marketing lately, this campaign is crucial to ensure you are only emailing and marketing to those who want to hear from you. This keeps the readers and the regulators happy!

Help your Deliverability. Help more of your emails hit the inbox instead of the junk folder when you keep a more engaged list.

"Jenny has a magical way of simplifying the scariest of the techy stuff."

"Recently I have experienced one of Jenny's fantastic online training courses. I have to admit, I knew I was putting the cart a bit before the horse when I signed up for the class. But, I also know Jenny and the value she ALWAYS brings to the table, so I made sure to get in on the action and could save all the goodies for my near future. As always, the value was outstanding and I am not sure how she does it, but Jenny has a magical way of simplifying the scariest of the techy stuff. A year ago I could barely copy & paste, but with help from experts like Jenny, I have come a long way baby! Thanks Jenny for all your hard work, dedication and always showing up!

Dawn Williams, Affiliate Marketer

"Anyone using Get Response this is a goldmine!"

"I thought it was very good, as an Aweber user, I had to figure a few things out, but was able to. Anyone using Get Response this is a goldmine!"


Email Reengagement Workshop

  • Get instant access to the 3 video modules inside this workshop.
  • Ability to download your Email templates so you can get your campaign up and running in no time.
  • Total workshop length approx. 90 minutes
  • Access to our Private Mastermind Group

Get started TODAY for just £47

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