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Power Hour Coaching

Get your business moving with a private Power Hour session!

Sometimes, all you need is to hop on a call with someone if you're feeling stuck and frustrated.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. There's a million things to learn when you're doing things online, and trying to do it alone can be HARD!

Technical help alone keeps people stuck for sometimes hours!

I help entrepreneurs every day who are struggling with how to set up a blog, or their first Facebook ad as the technology keeps them stuck!

The good news is I'm pretty good at the tech stuff.

I've learned along the way and it comes fairly easily to me, so I love to be able to help others get their pages and funnels up much easier with the guidance fo the step by step how tos.

If you're one of those people who is not very technically savvy and you're trying to figure this stuff out but it's holding you back, the power hour is perfect for you.

Sometimes all you need it to hop on a call with someone and have them show you, or walk you through it, and you're up and running.

I get that not everyone can invest in my full courses that gives a lot of the technical how-to's, or my full coaching packages...

But I wanted to create something that will really help when it counts.

Which is why I've created the Power hour sessions.

You'll get the opportunity to have my knowledge and skills to help you get unstuck and moving forwards in our hour together. If you find you need more time, just simply book another session and we can continue another day, unless my calendar is free while we're on a call.

These Power Hour's are specifically for 3 main topics, but if you have something else you'd like help with that isn't listed, please reach out to me FIRST, before proceeding to make sure this is something I can help you with. I'd hate to waste our time together and your money!

  1. Marketing & Strategy
  2. Technical
  3. General Feedback

Marketing Help

  • Want help with your Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Funnels - Planning & Evaluating your funnel process
  • Understanding Attraction Marketing
  • Creating content for social media (Blogging, Facebook Lives etc.)
  • How to Brand yourself

General Feedback

  • Feedback of your facebook business page
  • Review your funnel to optimisaton
  • Review your Facebook Ads
  • Advice on Marketing strategy

Technical Help

  • Setting Up your Blog
  • Creating Your Funnels
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Understanding Metrics
  • Email Autoresponder Set Up
  • Google Analytics Set Up & Understanding

PRICE: £97 per hour session

If there are other things you want help with, please contact me BEFORE applying so I can ensure that I can help you. Otherwise, if there's something you'd like help with from the list above, click below to make your payment for your session, and you'll then be taken to a page to provide me with more details and then to schedule your call.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my Facebook business page here