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Building Brands Online isn't about logos and colours. When branding yourself in Network Marketing and Direct Sales, it's important to understand what branding looks like and you should brand you online.

Why Building a Brand Online Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster & More Convenient

By Jenny Stevens | Business Building Tips , Network Marketing Tips , Prospecting & Recruiting Tips , Social Media Training

We all make mistakes!I know I did and I’m sure I’m not alone.I followed the advice from my uplinesUsed social media to build my business…But it wasn’t growing that much. I figured there had to be something I was doing wrong.Or something that wasn’t being shared.Then I came across some great advice and training which […]

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Should you track your metrics and keep track of your mlm sales and numbers? If not then you have no idea how your network marketing business is doing.

How Tracking Your Numbers Will Help Your Downline Grow Faster

By Jenny Stevens | Business Building Tips , Productivity Tips , Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

You’ve got more customers this month, more team mates have joined your downline, things must be great, right?Well, maybe they are, but if you aren’t tracking your results and measuring, then you don’t actually really know.So where do you start?What data should you track and why?Let’s dive in and I’ll explain…There are lots of metrics […]

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