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Mar 12

Taking a leap of faith…….

By Jenny Stevens | Uncategorized

When should you take a leap?So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting emails inviting me to an event in San Diego. I had free tickets as I’m a VIP member but I’d kind of disregarded going as it just didn’t seem possible.I didn’t even really look into it, just thought, it’ll cost […]

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3 personalities that are secretly sabotaging your network marketing / mlm business. Get the right prospects and team mates into your downline by having the right people and personalities that are going to grow your network marketing business and team. You want leaders and go getters, not lazy downline.
Feb 18

The 3 Personality Traits that are Secretly Sabotaging your Business

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

Are you secretly sabotaging your network marketing business with these types of personalities and don’t even know it?When it comes to recruiting people in your Network Marketing business, we can have a mixture of people and personalities. While some are perfect for your business and the long-term, there are also some which can actually sabotage your business […]

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