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best network marketing books for personal development. There are a lot of great books for mlm, direct sales and network marketing and I've compiled the top network marketing books
Oct 29

Top Network Marketing Books To Read

By Jenny Stevens | Mindset , Network Marketing Tips , Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

There are a LOT of Network Marketing books out there!Books on lots of different topics involved in sales, recruiting, leadership etc.But which ones are worth a read?Personal development is such a key part of Network Marketing (and any business!)Always learning new skills, helping your mindset, new trainings, whatever you’re looking for.I’ve asked around as well […]

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Should you say your network marketing or mlm company name or product name? Thats the big question and you'll find out how not mentioning the name will help your business
Oct 08

Why NOT Mentioning Your Company Name Will Help Your Network Marketing Business Grow

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips , Social Media Training

Have you seen somebody sharing something on Facebook, but they’ve not told you what it is?BUT you just HAD to find out?Inside of this episode, I’m going to be sharing Why it’s actually safer to not mention your company or your products when using social media, doing videos, Facebook Lives, blog posts etc.And how it […]

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How to Become A Network Marketing Expert even if you're brand new. Branding yourself and build a brand is so important and the good things is you don't need to be a network marketing guru to be seen as an authority and expert in your industry.
Oct 01

How To Position Yourself As A Network Marketing Expert, Even If You’re Brand New

By Jenny Stevens | Network Marketing Tips , Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

How To Position Yourself As A Network Marketing Expert Even If You’re Brand NewWhen you first start in Network Marketing, do you look at those top leaders and think “WOW”; I want to be like that. Do you ever wonder if you will actually have the following, the authority, the credibility that these do and how […]

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how to connect to your prospects almost instantly by understanding benefits vs features for your mlm products and network marketing opportunity.
Sep 17

How To Connect To Your Prospects Almost Instantly | Understanding Benefits vs Features!

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

In this first instalment of Jenny Stevens TV (a new weekly training I’m providing), you’re going to learn the difference between Benefits and Features How using one over the other, will help you connect to your prospects almost instantly……and grow your Network Marketing business.A lot of Network Marketers and Direct Sellers, who are using social […]

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This inviting formula for network marketers really helped me learn the beginning steps for network marketing and mlm. Inviting prospects and learning how to invite prospects is a key network marketing skill needed. This simple formula will help you recruit more reps
Sep 11

6 Step Inviting Formula Network Marketers Need To Master

By Jenny Stevens | Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

6 Step Inviting Formula All Network Marketers Need To MasterThere are a few fundamental skills needed in Network Marketing… Whether you’re building offline or online, these skills still remain the same. However, what I’ve noticed is some crucial steps in network marketers inviting formula that can sometimes be missed out… …or aren’t being taught, so it continues down […]

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Should you track your metrics and keep track of your mlm sales and numbers? If not then you have no idea how your network marketing business is doing.
Aug 19

How Tracking Your Numbers Will Help Your Downline Grow Faster

By Jenny Stevens | Business Building Tips , Productivity Tips , Prospecting & Recruiting Tips

You’ve got more customers this month, more team mates have joined your downline, things must be great, right?Well, maybe they are, but if you aren’t tracking your results and measuring, then you don’t actually really know.So where do you start?What data should you track and why?Let’s dive in and I’ll explain…There are lots of metrics […]

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Number 1 Skill in Network Marketing
Jul 21

The #1 Skill in Network Marketing for 2017 (Which Your Upline Probably Can’t Teach You)

By Jenny Stevens | Network Marketing Tips , Social Media Training

What if you could create a residual income BEFORE you even built a network marketing organisation?…and what if you could do it without prospecting!Crazy as that might sound, it’s possible—if you know the #1 network marketing skill that’s available today, that is.Unfortunately, your upline (probably) can’t teach you this skill.But you’re in luck, because I’m […]

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