Automated Selling Machine Beginners Course Sales Letter - Jenny Stevens Coaching

How To Build A List Of Ready-To-Buy and Eager To Join Prospects...

Even If You're Brand New!

If you're a struggling Network Marketer - Learn How to Break Out Of This Mode And Start Getting results!

Hi, Jenny Stevens here. 

I struggled in my business for 2 years until I really learned  a few critical skills

  1. How to find the RIGHT people who would be interested in what I had to offer
  2. How to effectively follow up and give value
  3. Leveraging the internet to do the heavy lifting for me

I'm passionate about sharing what I learned and helped me quit my job after just 3 years in business and help you get unstuck, give you time back in your business so you can do the things you love and not be chained to your phone or laptop, and hit those goals you desire.


Discover an Easy way for your prospecting & Sales to be done on Autopilot...

Whilst having people put THEMSELVES on your follow up list!

It takes a LOT of time to find new interested prospects, and time is something we don't all have a lot of...

Having never done Network Marketing before, I had no idea about the recruiting and prospecting side. I just joined to make a bit of extra money selling some products!

But after seeing what the business was doing for some people, I wanted it!

So I did what I was taught

  • Making a list of 100 people I knew
  • Inviting them to see "The Presentation"
  • Doing Home Parties
  • Facebook Parties
  • Trying to recruit anyone and everyone
  • Adding New Friends On Facebook

But without much luck.

I did ok with sales initially, but then it started to dry up!

I was making crazy offers, giving away most of my commissions just to get repeat sales!

I was constantly posting on Facebook, messaging people asking if they wanted to have a party

But my credit card debt was rising as I was buying more stock than I could shift, I was fed p of rejection and friends rolling their eyes at me and being unfriended.

I even got told off at my job for being on my phone too much (oops!)

But essentially my goals were to:-

  • Fire my boss and work from home
  • Clear my debt
  • Do something I loved everyday
  • Have more time as I was spending eery spare minute working

But I wasn't ready to quit just yet!

What I Discovered Shocked Me!

I remember it so clearly, I was putting some product graphic on Instagram, and then I got a Like from a page that intrigued me.

It was my (company name)_30-50 leads a day - it got my attention!

So I clicked on their profile and wanted to know how I could do this! I'd be lucky if I got 3-5 leads a week, let alone a day!

I then went through a process that I'm about to share with you.


I Had To Give My Email Address For Info

I Got Followed Up With Via Email

I Scheduled My Free Coaching Call

Wow, that was Easy!

I then went on to learn how I could create my own system just the same and use it to build my Network Marketing business both for Customers as well as Prospects for the business side.

I then spent from that moment on, a lot of time, energy and money investing in Education.

I knew this was going to save me so much time & energy.

A system that will AUTOMATICALLY...

  • check
    Get leads & prospect for you. Without having to pick up the phone to cold call or deal with rejection from time wasters again.
  • check
    Get highly motivated prospects. with a few key-strokes, real people who actually WANT to see what you’ve got!
  • check
    Recruit people and make saleswithout even talking to them, until they sign up or submit an application first!

Shortcut the Process

Save yourself the time I spent learning and educating myself, but more importantly the frustration and NO RESULTS... and build a successful Network Marketing business and create an instant income in NO TIME FLAT.

Using something called...

Attraction Marketing

​A concept I learned about and have been implementing for 2 years.

​I almost instantly started seeing results so I know it works.

The core of it was how to create an effective and efficient follow up system that takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

In my first month, I was able to

Generate 69 new leads and 7 new customers

Just 4 months later I'd made $4907 in commissions which was nearly 4x my monthly salary and it happened all on autopilot!

I've spent over £12k in coaching and mentoring, testing and trialling to be able to keep getting better and helping my students get results too.

Some of my friends using this method went from making ZERO to multiple 5 figures in one month all within 12 months

 Gloria MacDonald 



Building a list of prospects for your business is critical. I owe my multiple five figure a month success to the fact that I am able to effectively email my list to connect with them and promote valuable products and services.

If you're looking for a way to:-

  • Give you more time back from your business So You Can Spend More Time With Your Family
  • Take the struggle out of Prospecting & Selling Your Products So You Don't Feel Like You're Bugging People
  • Never waste your time with uninterested people And Become Rejection Free
  • have the guidance and hand-holding I needed to get started and get your new system set up...

Yes, Now I Can Reveal My Debut Course - “Automated Selling Machine 1.0”


The Ultimate Course to Help You Build A List Of Adoring Fans & Ready-to-Buy Customers, Even If You're Brand New!

This is specifically for you if you are new to using Email for your business and want to create a system that finds interested prospects, gives you an efficient follow up to build rapport and have your prospects know, like & trust you... Without you needing to do all the heavy lifting yourself, giving you time back in your business or to enjoy doing the things you love.

Here's What's Included: -

Automated Selling Machine Course by Jenny Stevens

6 Modules


Role of Email & Getting Setup:

  • Discover The Role Of Email And How You Can Create An Automated Machine For Any Business
  • What Is An Autoresponder & Getting Set Up
  • Examples and Walk Through Included


Building Your List Part 1:

  • Discover WHO and WHERE Your Best Prospects Are, So You Can Attract People Most Likely To Buy.
  • Learn How To Create An Irresistible Offer Your Prospects Will Love & Put Themselves On Your List (While Being GDPR compliant)
  • Putting Your Irresistible Offer Together


Building Your List Part 2: 

  • How To Deliver Your Irresistible Offer And Get A Highly Engaged Response
  • Creating Your Perfect Welcome Series To Start Your Relationship Off The Best Way (Templates And Examples Included)
  • How To Create A Way To Grow Your List For Free Or For A Profit


Email Creation Formula: 

  • Uncover The Secrets To Structuring Your Emails For Action Taking
  • Complete Examples Included: See How Different Types Of Emails Make Your Readers Keep Reading
  • How To Use Your Everyday Life To Create Never Ending Flow Of Email Ideas
  • 5.

    How To Organise Your Lists:

  • Understanding Of Lists & What They're Used For
  • Discover How To Organise Your Lists So The Right People Get The Right Message At The Right Time
  • Discover Some Key Mistakes NOT To Do When Sending Your Emails
  • 6.

    Subject Lines 101:

  • Discover Best Practices For Creating Subject Lines That Get Opened Above The Rest
  • Templates & Examples Included – See Winning Subject Lines And Examples To Help You Get Started
  • How To Find What Works & What Doesn't

    Online Marketing Coach

    "You are missing out on a segment that a majority of the world uses..."

    "Email marketing completed turned my business around. It has been a core strategy and a significant part of my online success. Its starts with building a list of subscribers. Building an email list is crucial because it’s the best way to build a relationship with potential customers. It’s not hard to do as long as you have an autoresponder service. Not using email as part of your marketing strategy means you are missing out on a segment that a majority of the world uses."

    Get Started Now! Risk Free

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get at least 10x the value over the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

    "My entire team is able to use it...."

    "I created a customer funnel with automated email follow up for my business. My entire team is able to use it. They can sign there new customers up on the webpage I built that is connected to the email system. Our new customers get an email every other day for their first 30 days to help keep them on track with their health goals. Has increased new customer retention.

    This also allows me to have all our customer’s emails and then I can send a broadcast email to our entire customer list in a flash. I use it to provide our customers with value related to health and wellness (recipes, eating and exercising tips and all kinds of different healthy living material). It helps keep customers in touch and encourages reorders. I sent an email to the list when we had a new product launch and saw a 2k volume jump in less than 24 hours after sending the email."


    Network Marketer

    Not techy? No worries!

    I know if you're technically challenged, learning strategies like this might seem scary!

    But I'm here to let you know it doesn't have to be difficult and it's not that hard to set up. With my guidance plus a whole heap of technical how tos and videos you can watch back, you'll have what you need. Plus with the group and bonuses, I've got you covered!

    Plus there's more...


    24/7 Access to our Private Mastermind Group: Trying to do it all alone is what paralyses so many entrepreneurs. It's important to surround yourself with likeminded people and have a safe space to ask questions and help each other, as well as have access to me for guidance.


    30 Day Email Launch Formula: 

    Actionable and doable to keep you on track and building your new subscriber base or prospects and customers. Follow the plan and by the end of the 30 days, you'll be well on your way to building your list and start making sales, whilst building a sold foundation for your business.


    Subject Line Swipe File

    Knowing what to use for subject lines can be a big question for beginners. Use my swipe file as a go to for ideas, inspiration and proven to work to get more opens for your emails.

    Total Value - £5,167

    Automated Selling Machine Course by Jenny Stevens

    Get The Automated Selling Machine Today!

    Pay In Full Today For Just £497 £297

    "Failure is not failure, it's just that you haven't learned enough yet!"

    I look forward to seeing you inside of the Automated Selling Machine.

    Jenny Stevens

    Copyright 2017, Jenny Stevens - Disclaimer