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8 Key Benefits of Blogging For Your Network Marketing Business

By Jenny Stevens | Increase Traffic

Aug 27

8 Key Benefits of Blogging For Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever read a blog post and bought something from it?

Or looked up a product in Google, to find a blog post written about that product with lots of useful information you were looking for?

Maybe you liked it and shared it on your Facebook wall for your friends to see?

Now I want to imagine, this was one of your posts...

How would it feel if your blog post was shared online and had potentially hundreds or thousands of readers, all with a chance to see your products and buy?

New leads daily, with people who are interested in your topic and want to know more...​

Or maybe they became a fan of your work and wanted to work with you in your business?

The problem with a Facebook post, is it quickly disappears into the Facebook black hole! Hard to find again and reuse.

Blogging is a great way to build your business, and I'll share with you how in a sec...

If you look at nearly all of the top earners, you'll see that they all have a blog

Ray Higdon is a big advocate of blogging and has made a multi-million dollar business with blogging.

When I first started getting coaching for my Network Marketing business last year, this was the first thing I learned about and how it can be so powerful.

I wanted to share this with you so you too, can really take your business to the next level and start generating more income, getting more exposure and get new leads everyday coming to you.

What are the Benefits of Blogging for your Network Marketing or Direct Sales business

8. Share your passion

As a Network Marketer, we are all passionate about our products and want others to see how great they are.

What better way to share your products, than to give people a lot more in depth information and education about each product and their benefits.

Your passion will show through in your writing which will help build a more personal connection to your readers.

7. Rank in Search Engines

One of the biggest reasons people blog, is to get better visibility in search engines.

With having a blog, this will be permanent content that will show up in search engines such as Google.

Facebook posts won't do this, so you are missing out on a whole piece of the internet pie who are searching for answers to a solution, that you might have, and your content isn't there.

There are things you can do to get your posts ranked higher, but that's for another day.

How great would it be for your business if someone was to type in something specific to your product or opportunity, and your post is in that 1st page of potentially millions of results?

If you want to learn how to drive a ton of traffic to your blog posts to get it ranked higher in Google and get more visibility on it, then click here to register for a great free webinar.

6. Sell Your Products

One of the key benefits of using blogging for your Direct Sales/Network Marketing business, is to be able to sell your products.

When you're sharing your products through blog posts, you can show images of those products, videos, and link through to your company website where they can then order online.

A big problem with selling on social media these days...

People use their Facebook personal profile and blast out a post to everyone,

Hoping that someone will like it and comment that they want to know more.

While there are some benefits of this, what you're not doing is sharing it with the best people who will actually be interested.

This is when we come across negativity, rejection, annoying our friends and family

Which results in feeling pretty low in confidence when we’re not getting any results.

By separating it into a separate blog, you are just focussing on those who you KNOW are interested in your topic and much more inclined to purchase what you’re talking about.

Videos are fantastic at actually properly showing your products in the flesh and getting your audience to know YOU.

You can share Tips, How To's, application help, whatever your product has that makes is special, when you use video, it is so powerful and people LOVE videos!

If you're wanting to get into videos but not sure how to structure your videos to best cover what you want to talk about and attract people to take action, click here for a free video script formula that you should find useful.

5. Build a Network

Blogging is the most effective way to connect with your prospects and demonstrate your experience and expertise.

When you start regularly blogging and building an audience, you have a great platform with a network that comes to you.

These can be potential customers, or even people who could be prospects to join your business.

Your readers will share your content if they find it useful and helpful, which then expands your network even more and gives you even more people to get in front of.

4. Solve Problems & Help Others

When you go onto Google or other search engines and type something the search bar...

What are you looking for?

A solution to a problem, or answer to a question, right?

This is where your blog post can be someone's answer.

You will be helping people by providing value and helpful information with your products or opportunity that someone has been looking for.

And this segways in from talking to the right people and only to those who are interested as mentioned above.

3. Collect Emails

Emails are still the best return of investment and biggest platform for selling products.

When people can sign up for a newsletter, you can then directly send more information (future blogs), offers, promotions, of your products or opportunity to people who have chosen to get them.

Emailing is a whole other subject and I will create a separate blog post on the benefits of email marketing another day...

But this is a powerful tool to use.

A great resource on learning how to build a list of emails and how to effectively use this platform.

2. Gain Influence and Become An Authority

There are lots of other consultants and reps out there selling the same thing that you are.

So when you use the strategy of blogging for your home based business,

You will instantly set yourself apart from the rest.

When you want to send someone a link on social media, where are currently sending them?

To your company website no doubt?

The problem with this, is it doesn't brand YOU, and won't be personal to you at all, apart from your name.

By having your own blog, means you can personalise it.

Tell people about yourself, share your passion through your writing or videos.

Give links to purchase or to connect to you on social media, set up consultations or meetings with prospects...

Do you see how powerful a blog can be for your business?

If you’d like to learn more on how to brand you to really gain the influence and become an authority to attract more customers & reps to your team, click here to get access to the 10 day free internet recruiting bootcamp.

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I hope you now see how powerful having a blog for your business can be.

When I learnt this, I was really excited and when I saw a couple of my posts be on the first page of Google out of 7 million results... well let's just say I was a little excited!! 🙂

Go out and get blogging!

To your success

Jenny Stevens


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