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5 Tips To Creating Curiosity on Social Media

By Jenny Stevens | Affiliate Marketing Tips

Feb 20

Ever heard the saying, "Curiosity Killed the Cat!"

It's the biggest thing you can learn how to do effectively to get people to reach out to you.

Especially when you're promoting your products on social media.

Creating curiosity on social media is king.

But a simple mistake that so many make by not creating enough.

This was one of the things that I realised I was doing NONE of in my early days of network marketing.

There I was, posting my product graphics I'd made, a selfie holding up the product, giving away ALL the information!

And so many do it too.

Have you?

If you have, it's ok, it's not your fault.

It's what we're taught.

Now what does creating curiosity mean?

I looked it up and it means

"A state in which you want to learn more about something"

People want to connect the dots and complete something, when they can't do that, their curiosity gets so powerful and compelling that they just have to do something to find out.

Ever watched a TV show and at the end of the episode they leave on a cliff-hanger?

Doesn't it drive you nuts if you have to then wait to find out?!

I binge watched an entire boxset last Sunday because of this, which is why TV show producers are so great!

I've also watched a couple of soap opera shows for 30 years because of it too!

So why is this so important when you're using social media to build your business to get new customers or clients?

Because social media is a networking and social place.

It's your goal to get people's attention and keep it by engaging with them.

Curiosity helps you do that.

It keeps people coming back, following you and joining you on your next Facebook Live for example.

We all know about the dreaded algorithm that everyone seems to be trying to 'hack'.

The reason being is that when people interact with a post… it gets more juice.

Facebook will show it to more people because they can see it's popular.

This is where creating curiosity on social media works really well.

Not only are you encouraging people who have that sense of missing out on something or just dying to know what you're talking about…

But if you do it right, and in an authentic way, you'll have them commenting to know more.

Giving you more engagement…

Even better than that, you're now getting people raising THEIR hand to tell you who's interested.

They'll be asking you questions because they need to know more.

When you give away too much, there's no curiosity and no real need for you.

If you give them all the details about your product, they can just google it…

Which either puts them in the hands of someone else selling the same product, or they could see a bad review.

When you use curiosity and don't give too much away…

They need you to know more and close that gap of missing info.

Sound good?

So how do you create curiosity in your posts?

It can be that simple.

Here are 5 Tips To Help Your Create Curiosity On Social Media

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1. Be a little vague

Leave out a few things that you would like people to ask you about...


Because that gives them the opportunity to connect with you.

Especially if you're selling physical products.

I used to sell makeup for a network marketing company and the mistake I used to make was give the name of the product, tell the colour names, the price etc.

Giving away waaaaay too much info!

If I was to go back and redo it now, I'd just show my makeup look and say something like "Wow, just 3 products and I got this simple look anyone can do in 5 minutes! I can now sleep more in the morning!"

Or take a picture of the product but cover up the name on the packaging so they can't see it. With a status of something like...

"This little pill takes me from hot mess to full of energy all day, no naps required!" - (Good for some natural supplements that help with energy.)

This will get people asking you what it is or how it works.

I found this other example while looking back through my profile. I'd probably make the copy a but more intriguing but another example of not giving away anything crucial about the product.

When it comes to make up, people love to know what's been used so leave out those details and ask them to comment if they want to know what was used to create that look. You can then create a little list and give it to them in Messenger and open up a conversation with them.

Whatever you sell, it doesn't matter, the same cane be applied.

Don't give them everything and leave a gap for them to need you to know more.

2. Create a teaser video

Think about film releases… there's always a trailer that gives you a little snippet of the film and what it's about.

This is their chance to show you some really funny moments (although sometimes they show you all the funny bits and when you watch it, you realise you already saw them all lol!)

Or some big dramatic scenes with just a few clips.

What they don't do is show you the ending.

How could you create your own little teaser video for your products or services? As well as longer content.

An example could be, let's say you have a blog post you want to send people to where you give 7 tips for something.

You could create a short 90 second video where you give maybe 2-3 of those tips and then give a call to action to check out the blog for the rest of the tips (like the example below I did)

Or if it's promoting the kit they get when they join a company...

...show a short video of your box of goodies and give a sneak peak inside and give a call to action to join you Live as you unbox it all.

Make sure you think about what you want them to do at the end of the video and where you want to send them, then work backwards!

Have some fun with it!

The point is that it's short and punchy.

A teaser to something bigger and to get MORE of the good stuff when they click or do what you're asking them to do.

3. Tell stories

People love stories so when you tell a story, especially YOUR story and your journey you're on, it takes them with you. It'll also keep people with you as they want to find out what happens. It'll keep people coming back for more and keeping their attention.

Don't think about selling something, take them on the journey with you.

Another thing you can do, is to drip feed the story. So give it in sections.

I did this recently for a program launch where I shared a whole week about my background and my story. I tried this method of like a soap opera, prepping them for something and then leaving it as a cliff hanger to wait until tomorrow to find out.

It worked really well and sharing my story and being open and honest, got a lot of engagement and went down well, so definitively recommend sharing 🙂

Here's a couple of examples of my "open loops" - meaning I opened up a story and then kept them hanging!

4. Keep people waiting

As I mentioned earlier, TV shows are great at using cliff-hangers.

Just before the adverts come, there's always something that cuts off to the ad breaks and you're like "Noooo" and then have to wait for 4 minutes for it to resume.

You can do that in your social media posts.

Let's say you just found a new product that is going to help make you look younger without any needles which has you really excited... 

You might share that you're going to get a new treatment and will let them know how you look afterwards.

But then intentionally wait until the next day to post your update.

I've seen this myself from others and it drives you nuts.

You go hunting their page or profile in case you missed it! So it definitely works.

When people start asking you for an update, you know you've got their attention. It becomes like a game!

So think about short little updates you could create, whether on Facebook, Instagram. The great thing is we have the 'Stories' which are perfect for short little burst of updates and can mix from a photo to a video.

Pinterest is also great when you see infographics and to get people wanting to see the rest of the story, they'll click.

Leave your audience wanting more.

You could try some simple things like you're going to the hairdressers and might go for a radical change.

Leave them hanging and then post a photo the next day of your new do - or maybe you chickened out and it's just a trim but either way, they came back!

It doesn't need to be sell sell sell all the time, but practice creating the curiosity.

5. Educate

One of the best things I learned was how to use education based marketing.

Not only does it provide value but it also sets you up as an authority.

It's extremely hot right now and so worth doing as it builds up trust.

Maybe you make a video where you give 4 best tips for gorgeous skin. Make 2-3 of them fairly generic so nothing to do with your products you sell…

Then the final tip, share a product or supplement that works like magic for the skin (without mentioning the name of course 😉 and leave them a call to action like this "If you want to know my personal recommendation or want to know what I use, send me a private message"

Getting people’s attention and making them take action of some sort is your main goal for social media.

Once you’ve done that, then you can start taking care of informing them, building up the relationship and trust to then offer your product or service.

If you would like to know more about attracting your ideal customer to help them reach out to you and helping you get more sales, sign up for my free video series where I’ll be sharing with you 4 simple steps you can take to double your sales without doubling your workload.

You’ll get the very same method I use along with curiosity to help me get 10-20 leads every day and make sales on autopilot.

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I’d also love to hear if you use any other curiosity tips yourself that you’d like to share?

Or if you’re going to try one of these tips, which one speaks to you the most.

Go and have some fun with it and start getting people’s attention and taking action because they HAVE to know what’s on the other side!

Talk soon


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