3 Powerful Success Habits You Need To Adopt To Crush Your Business Goals

3 Powerful Success Habits You Need To Adopt To Crush Your Business Goals

By Jenny Stevens | Business Building Tips

The only difference between you and the top earners in your industry that you might look up to…

Are some simple success habits.

They might not be more skilled that you.

They might not be as talented as you.

But ONE thing they do have is the most effective success habits engrained in them.

If you are sick of feeling stuck and not progressing in your business how you’d like…

Then read on as I’m going to share with you these 3 core success habits that might be missing for your daily routine and how to make them a permanent fixture in your life!

3 Success Habits You Need To Adopt To Crush Your Business Goals

There might only be a few simple things that stand in the way of you and your successes you want in your business that the people you follow and look up to in your industry might be doing that you aren’t.

We quite often wonder “What’s wrong with me?”

Why isn’t this working for me how I thought it would?

How come other people are hitting certain milestones and achieving things and I’m not?

Here are 3 of the biggest things that naturally successful people do

1. Do What You DON’T Want To do FIRST

It might seem like a weird concept, but I learned this recently and it really got me thinking differently.

Doing the things I don’t want to do first? Hmmm.

Here’s the thing, we put off the tasks and things we don’t enjoy because well…

We don’t enjoy them as much.

They might be important but to do but maybe they’re not so sexy to do.

Maybe it’s something new and you’re still trying to build up your confidence with it.

For example, Facebook lives are a big one that people put off.

Even me.

I’m totally comfortable doing them as I’ve done them for so long now, but for some reason, it’s always a low priority on my task list.

When actually, it needs to be top priority as it’s a way to connect with your audience.

  1. Show up.
  2. Provide some awesome value.
  3. Give a call to action to make a sale or get a lead.

Pretty important when running a business.

Or maybe it’s connecting with people because you’re an introvert.

Think of it like this… it’s like going to the gym, or the swimming pool – whatever your thing is.

The hardest bit is going right?

But once we’re there, we realise it’s not so bad and we feel great for doing it and can now get on with the rest of your day.

This is what this habit will become.

Get it done first, then you can tick it off the list and move on to do things you DO enjoy for the rest of your day.

You’ll feel so accomplished and not dreading it throughout your day and thinking, “Oh I still haven’t done that, what’s wrong with me?”

Swap that around and get it done first in the morning and carry on with your day.

It’ll set up your day already winning, and we all want that right?

You first will need to make sure that you become aware of those things first.

Therefore, start paying attention to the tasks you put off.

You keep moving back to later in the day or week.

Those are the things you want to get done first.

I’ve started doing this myself and it’s making a great difference in my productivity and self-accomplishment.

2. Take Frequent & Regular Action in The Direction of Your Goals

You’ve set your goals – awesome.

You start doing the action you know you need to do.

Those income producing activities.

The consistent actions you know are what you need to instil in yourself.

Being consistent is one of the hardest things for many people – me included.

I know I should be doing things, but something stops me.

That is the resistance and probably some kind of limiting belief deep down that I’ll talk about another day!

We hear all the time how small consistent action really is the key to success, yet so many fall on this hurdle.

But there’s an extra piece here - are you keeping on track towards them?

It’s not just enough to take frequent and regular action but you’ve got to make sure that are keeping on track towards your goal.

Sometimes, we take action, we’re happy heading along and without realising, our actions start taking us off course.

But we’re oblivious because we’re just doing the things.

One extra step to add into your regular action list, is to stop and evaluate regularly.

Maybe daily, at least weekly.

By evaluating, it not only helps you check what things are working or what might not be working, but you can then ask yourself…

“OK, what might I need to do differently or change?”

This is critical in staying on course.

If you spot that you’re going off down a country lane instead of on the main road, then you need to navigate back to that road towards your goal.

That comes from constant evaluation and checking in with yourself.

Things might change and adapt, but you’re still heading on the right road.

3. Get Back Up From No & Rejection

Being told No or feeling rejected because someone doesn’t want to buy from you can be hard to take sometimes.

A lot of the time, I’ve found that most rejection comes when you’re just talking to the wrong people and you haven’t really honed in your marketing skills enough to be effective.

To know how to put your message and offer in front of the right people.

But even if that is all great, you’re still going to be told No thanks.

A lot of the time it’s just a “Not right now” rather than a full NO.

The part of marketing that takes the perseverance is continuing to provide information until that person has enough to make a decision.

It can just be as simple as right time, wrong message.

Or right message, wrong time.

But you have to keep going.

That’s also where the evaluation come in from step 2. By asking yourself, what worked, what didn’t, what might I do differently helps you to try something different.

It’s important to not take those no’s personally.

More than likely it isn’t you, it’s just they’re not ready.

This also brings in another critical piece – Delayed Gratification.

We all want success and want it now.

Delaying that success and gratification is so hard. Especially in this modern world.

We are so accustomed to instant gratification.

We can get information instantly and are so used to being able to get our hands-on stuff almost straight away.

But when it comes to things like success, saving money, it does take the dedication and patience to know that small and consistent action builds up and it will come.

This is what separates the leaders from the quitters!

They gave up instead of keep going knowing that all those small consistent actions are building towards something.

That many people coming online have to do Facebook Lives, maybe without talking to anyone Live for quite a while.

Does that mean you don’t show up still and continue to do you and share your awesomeness?

No, because most people watch the replay.

People might be lurking in the background watching wondering if you’re right for them.

And then before you know it, you get that first comment and it feels like Christmas!

The delayed gratification is from continuing to show up regardless.

Think of Field of Dreams – "If you build it, they will come".

As long as you keep building an audience and showing up providing value and serving them.

They will come out of the woodwork and then you’ll start to gain momentum.

It takes belief and self-trust plus trust in the process.

Finally the other part of getting back up is continuing to make the comfort zone a constant thing on its toes.

A great saying I heard recently was this...

“Make the familiar unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar familiar” - Marisa Peer

Meaning, make the things you’ve got complacent and comfortable with, unfamiliar by letting go of them.

We are hard wired to want to be comfortable and safe. This is why we all do it.

We’re built that way.

However this is what keeps us stuck.

So you have to push through the resistance and instead being ok with feeling uncomfortable.

Keep making the things that feel uncomfortable, comfortable and familiar to you.

Usually the things you feel uncomfortable with are just because it’s new and you haven’t practiced and built up the confidence with yet.

Those things that scare you a little are usually the things you most need to do.

So start making those things familiar and into your comfort zone.

And remove the things that aren’t serving you that maybe you’ve got too comfortable with.

From all of these habits, there is nothing rocket scientist here – it’s first being aware of what might be not working for you and making a swap to something that will work.

This gives you some insight into how to start identifying what those are for you and how you can start to make these habits comfortable.

The key to making them permanent in your life is to keep going with until you have engrained them into your daily life, so they no longer feel uncomfortable.

Eventually after continuing to do those habits, you won’t think about it anymore and it just becomes the norm.

The behaviours become the actions.

The actions become the habit.

The habit become the results.

I’ll leave you with this final thought…

Success doesn’t come to you. You have to go to success.

You will have to keep pushing against the resistance that will natural come, but I know you can do it.

I’ll be here cheering you on and here for you if you need further help.

One extra thing I’ve found so helpful, is to work with the subconscious mind.

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Talk soon

Jenny Stevens
Founder of Jenny Stevens Coaching


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Jenny Stevens is an Online Marketing Coach & Trainer who specialises in helping female business owners learn how to attract their perfect customers and clients using modern online marketing methods, which enable you to work from where you want, when you want with a business and life you love!